The Official Quit Picking on Stephen Harper Thread

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very misleading.

source is an online leftoid wingnut enviro-blogging outfit.

Cuz not reporters.

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You goomers are a laff riot

And you have no idea how much I laugh at you, the angriest hater I read.
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Well to start with I don't think there was any great conspiracy on the Conservatives part.
Read it said emerging scandal. That tells me they knew about it but not how widespread
it was. NO one else did either at the time, so they reported what they knew and had acted
on the preliminary findings. Prelim, does not usually have an abundance of documents.
As for the Liberals in office most people are happy with the situation so far is everyone
happy on the same day? No such is the world we live in.
I for one like the new government better than the old one for a lot of reasons, are they perfect
nope but they are more people oriented and that is fine. The young like the government and
if they come out down the road we are going to have to adapt. See old folks like u die off and
the younger ones more babies are being born and the world moves on
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All part in parcel. Give the people want they want and let them suffer through their mistake so they never do it again. You only need to touch a hot stove once but you'll remember it for life.

Ideologues are way too dumb for that!

Speak of the devil?

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Harper government misled Canadians about Volkswagen investigation
The federal government misled Canadians about its investigation into Volkswagen during the fall election campaign, erroneously suggesting that it had acted swiftly on the emerging pollution cheating scandal, despite the absence of a paper trail to confirm its claims.
Internal emails from a federal vehicle testing facility showed no signs that enforcement officials had asked the top scientists at the lab to proceed with a full investigation, prior to September 2015 when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board went public with details about their own probes. There was only a flurry of emails from the research facility about an investigation after the U.S. announcement on Sept. 18.
This was despite the fact that the manager of the section — responsible for emissions research, measurement and housing the testing facility — said that his division was aware of research showing a problem with pollution from Volkswagen vehicles at least since April 2014.
“We (the emissions research section) looked at it as the interest in doing on-road work and the value added to that,” said Fred Hendren, who manages the emissions research and measurement section at Environment and Climate Change Canada, when reached at his office last week. “That’s how we looked at it - not specifically to any other issue. But that’s all I can really say to...

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I am over it. I suggest you do the same, mentalfloss.

Burning down the Harper legacy serving Trudeau well

OTTAWA—As the Stephen Harper years piled one onto another, debate grew in the capital over how much of his Conservative legacy would become a fundamentally ingrained part of Canada.

Would successive governments be unwilling or unable to lift the rocks and get at the philosophical underpinnings of almost a decade of Harper?

Turns out, a lot of the Conservative agenda can be overturned, and rather quickly.

While Justin Trudeau’s Liberals may be spinning their wheels on some big items, such as the size of its budget deficit, the scope of its missing and murdered indigenous women inquiry or the regional tensions engendered by its imminent decision on a $1-billion bailout or stake in Bombardier, it is proving much more adept at tearing down the Conservative house.

It’s as if the new government stole into that old Conservative neighbourhood armed with a pressure washer and starting cleaning that unsightly graffiti off the walls.

It started early with the announcement of the restoration of the long-form census.

Liberals have overturned the closing of veterans offices, pledged to reverse funding cuts to the CBC, overturned two pieces of legislation it considered punitive to labour and restored funding to First Nations which had been frozen under the previous government’s transparency act. It also suspended all court action against First Nations which did not comply with the legislation.

It ended a Conservative court appeal of provisions of Omar Khadr’s bail and ended an appeal of the citizenship niqab ruling which sullied the last election.

It changed the way the Conservatives dealt with sick leave for federal employees, has given permission to federal scientists to speak to the media and is ending an audit of charities by the Canada Revenue Agency, which was seen to be payback for advocating for the environment.

It has changed the way senators are appointed — although it is behind schedule and has a long way to go before there can be any clarity on this initiative.

It will fully restore health-care coverage for all refugees and asylum claimants to the pre-2012 levels, before Conservative cuts.

It is revamping the environmental assessment process — a major Harper initiative — while keeping the right of cabinet to make the final decision on pipeline projects.

More is to come — an overhaul of the C-51 domestic anti-terror act, changes to the Fair Elections Act, the Firearms Act and repeal of some provisions of bill allowing the government to strip Canadian citizenship.

Some of the changes seem borne simply of election promises, and not sound rationale, such as the revamped anti-ISIS mission. Some things that have not changed, such as the controversial Saudi arms deal, have been mired in confusion. Global Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion says he is opposed to the deal, but it is going ahead regardless.

For this, according to a Forum poll published over the weekend, the Liberals would win 70 per cent of the seats if an election were held today.

This is likely to be about as good as it gets for this government, because we are fast approaching the point where the Conservative teardown runs out of low-hanging fruit and the Liberals will be judged on their own merits.
Morneau 'deadly serious' that rushing to balance budget would trigger recession

OTTAWA - Rushing to balance the federal books would drive the country into recession, Finance Minister Bill Morneau cautioned Tuesday — one day after admitting that he's digging a fiscal hole that's even deeper than originally planned.

Morneau was at the centre of several heated partisan exchanges that highlighted the stark philosophical difference between the Liberals and Conservatives on the importance of a balanced federal budget.

He appeared before an all-party parliamentary committee to answer questions about Monday's projections, which said next year's deficit could turn out to be more than five times bigger than was forecast just three months ago.

And if anyone had doubts about how committed Morneau is to the idea of running a deficit, he erased them Tuesday when he said that a balanced budget is the last thing the Canadian economy needs right now.

"Was he really serious when he said that running a balanced budget is going to put us in a recession?" Conservative finance critic Lisa Raitt asked, incredulous, during question period.

"I was deadly serious," an animated Morneau shot back.

Morneau 'deadly serious' that rushing to balance budget would trigger recession (external - login to view)
Judge strikes down law barring patients from growing medical marijuana

VANCOUVER — A Federal Court judge has ruled that medical marijuana patients have the right to grow their own cannabis.

Judge Michael Phelan struck down federal legislation introduced by the previous Conservative government that barred patients from growing their own plants and required them to buy from licenced producers.

He is suspending the decision to strike down the law for six months, allowing the federal Liberal government time to create a new medical marijuana regime.

Phelan also extended the injunction that allowed people who held licences to grow their own marijuana to continue until a further court order.

The judge says in his ruling that the patients have demonstrated that marijuana can be produced safely, with limited risk to public safety and consistent with the promotion of public health.

The constitutional challenge was launched by four British Columbia residents who argued that the 2013 Marijuana for Medical Purposes legislation violated their charter rights.

Judge strikes down law barring patients from growing medical marijuana | National Newswatch (external - login to view)
Very good news for many people who want free access to the vegetable.
I second thee bump!
More denouncing of Harper.

Tory MP Kellie Leitch tears up over role in barbaric cultural practices tip line

Tory leadership candidate Kellie Leitch became visibly emotional while trying to explain her decision to front the launch of the Conservatives tip line for reporting barbaric cultural practices during the recent federal election.

The former minister in Stephen Harper's government told CBC News Network's Power & Politics host Rosemary Barton that she wishes she never took part in the election announcement.

"I've had a lot of time to think about this since the campaign took place and If could go back in time, which I can't, I would change things," Leitch said. "I would not have made that announcement that day."

Leitch said her intention was to ensure that if women and children needed to "pick up the phone" to call for help that someone would answer, but admits that "the message was lost."

"We weren't talking about race, we were talking about kids ... but that message was completely overtaken and I regret that, and I regret that it occurred, and it shouldn't have been done," she said.

The Simcoe-Grey MP refused to reveal who in the Conservative Party came up with the idea for the tip line saying "this is not a time for pointing fingers at people or looking at what happened."

When the Tories lost the election they also lost the chance to implement the promised tip line.

Kellie Leitch tears up over role in barbaric cultural practices tip line - Politics - CBC News
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The country would have been better for it. Unless women genital mutilation is ok because its culturally accepted by some.
No selfies of Justine imposing another tax? Need to go back to Harper? He's gone. Move on.
Stephen Harper's tough-on-crime agenda dealt another blow

The former Conservative government's tough-on-crime agenda has suffered another blow as British Columbia's highest court strikes down two more mandatory-minimum sentencing laws, ruling them unconstitutional.

On Monday, the B.C. Court of Appeal overturned compulsory two-year minimum sentences for drug trafficking convictions that involve someone under the age of 18 or that occur in a public place frequented by youth.

A unanimous decision from the three-person panel says a minimum sentence of two years in such instances may be at times "grossly disproportionate" to the crime committed, and therefore amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

This week's ruling is the latest in several cases where courts have overturned mandatory-minimum sentences that are the legacy of the former Conservative government.

A Supreme Court of Canada decision earlier this month put an end to minimum sentences for specific drug crime convictions and limits on pre-trial credit in certain conditions where bail is denied.

Last year, the high court upheld a decision from the Ontario Court of Appeal, which ruled that minimum sentences for some gun crimes constitute cruel and unusual punishment because they risk ensnaring people with "little or no moral fault" and who pose "little or no danger to the public."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded after the most recent high court decision saying that his government was reviewing the laws around such sentences.

Stephen Harper's tough-on-crime agenda dealt another blow - Politics - CBC News
Lets start electing judges instead of political patronage appointments. See how many bleeding heart liberal judges lose their jobs
Curious Cdn
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Lets start electing judges instead of political patronage appointments. See how many bleeding heart liberal judges lose their jobs

Great. Let's have judges that can be bought by "special interests" with donated campaign money. We don't need the corrupt American system here, thank you.
Libs are always soft on crime because they believe in crony-capitalism and they are sponsored by the Mafia.
captain morgan
Bloc Québécois
People do crimes and get involved with terrorism because they feel excluded..... Justine told me so
Let's just let the criminals run free. Wouldn't want to hurt their feelings or trample their rights. Lets get rid of the mandatory minimum 25 years for murder as well.
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Lets start electing judges instead of political patronage appointments. See how many bleeding heart liberal judges lose their jobs

I'm not sure if you followed the last election, but.....
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I'm not sure if you followed the last election, but.....

All the NDP supporters dumped that fringe party to vote for Liberals?
Ya, we noticed how that party got decimated.
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Nice try, avoiding sidestepping
dat derangement syndrome.
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Don't feel like getting intellectually spanked tonight Floss?

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