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Masturbators Ontario political party name rejected
By Antonella Artuso ,Queen's Park Bureau Chief
First posted: Friday, August 15, 2014 05:33 PM EDT
TORONTO - Elections Ontario has an open mind when it comes to registering names for new political parties, but ​it drew the line at one eye-popping request.
According to its 2012/13 annual report, the most recent available, Chief Electoral Officer Greg Essensa refused to put a check mark beside the request for a Masturbators Political Party of Ontario, or as it would have been known in its abbreviated form, Masturbators.
ZZ None of the Above (Anarchist/Feminist) made it through the required vetting process as did the Occupy Ontario Party and The Balanced Budget Party.
Ontario Neoliberal Party, or NLP, which sounds like another well-known party, was not accepted.
Ontario Green Liberal Party was also rejected.
Other party names that made the cut include God at Work, Love in Action; Equal Parenting Party; Lottery Party of Ontario and Anti-bailout Party.
Im Canadian Eh?, or ICE, was deemed not acceptable for a political party name.
The Priorities, Opportunities and Tolerance Party got the green light but its abbreviation POT did not.
While many parties are registered, only a few run candidates in all ridings during provincial elections.
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