The Disturbing Rise of Anti-Semitism in Canada

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NDP racism and anti-semitism goes way back it seems. Even before an NDP Terrorist killed all those worshipers.

they're like the liberals. a pet 'ethnic' project from time to time but that's about it.

the left are a hypocritical bunch of bad players.
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I think everyone should just shut the hell up about religion, your own or somebody else's.
Let people practice the religion of their choice until they start making waves with the rest of the population. Then tell THEM to shut the hell up too!
We have laws against attacks, assaults, vandalizing, etc., etc., etc., . When those laws are broken it shouldn't matter what religion the crimes were committed against or what the religion is of the one who commits the crime. They should be held accountable regardless. Does it take a big debate carried out for weeks or months to figure that out?
Why can't religious properties post guards and shoot some idiot trying to vandalize it? Hell you can't even use force to protect your own private property in Canada! Thank you politicians! God help us all if a poor helpless criminal got hurt!

Isreels religion has always been war.
The Anti-Semitism is a misleading term; the Semites are actually the Arab.
It is explained in this youtube by David Icke


I could never understand anti-semitism. I base my opinion on what I see and experience. I've lived in a few places and I can say that everywhere I've lived there were pockets of all different cultures. I would say, the Jewish areas were amongst the quiet ones. They are hardworking people, who don't seem to cause problems, how often are they in the news for selling drugs, killings, create chaos or fear, etc.. they keep to themselves. They did not steal land from the Palestines, the land belonged to the British and in any case, they were the first settlers of that part of the world, I don't get the hatred at all. Lies about them owning the world banks is fictional, so it can't be that, I see anti-semitic people as individuals living in a myth or maybe a misrepresentation of the truth??
You will never understand anti-semitism.
Rally against anti-semitism a ‘grassroots initiative’
The entire semitic debate is possibly the most misunderstood subject in existance right up there with quantum physics, black holes and dark matter. It does not matter how many times the tune is played nobody but it's victims understand the lyrics nor the music they are set to. The future of the human race requires full disclosure.
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Cops probe bomb threat, anti-Semitic graffiti at York University | Toronto & GTA
Another Montreal imam accused of hate speech | LEVY | Canada | News | Toronto Su

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