Court Permits Tax deductions to spend winters in Thailand

For the second year in a row a court has decided that a Thunder Bay woman suffering from chronic pain can deduct the cost of spending the winter in a hot climate.

In the latest decision, the Tax Court of Canada has overturned a Canada Revenue Agency ruling, allowing Trudy Tallon to claim a medical expense tax credit of almost $17,500 for her winter spent in Thailand and Indonesia in 2009. These expenses included flights, accommodation and meals for her and her husband.

Tallon was successful in a previous appeal when the Tax Court permitted her to deduct similar expenses of $22,510 incurred in 2008.

This decision (external - login to view) shows that the courts are frequently more sympathetic to taxpayers than the CRA and want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Therefore if a claim for a tax credit or tax deduction is turned down, it may be worth it to appeal the decision


Woman can claim $17,500 tax deduction for winter in Thailand, court rules | Toronto Star

bill barilko
Much better food in Thailand too-quite unlike the slop they gorge on in Northern Ontario.
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