Quebec Liberal Party and Ex-Montreal mayor says he was betrayed like Jesus Christ

of course he was...but anyway

Gerald Tremblay, who resigned in November 2012, tells radio host he believes Charbonneau corruption inquiry will one day clear his name.

MONTREAL—Gerald Tremblay, the former mayor of Montreal who was forced to resign in 2012 amid a municipal corruption scandal, said his political career was ended by the “betrayal” of one of the 12 apostles who sat on the city’s executive committee.

Tremblay broke his long public silence in an hour-long interview Thursday morning on a Montreal-based Catholic radio station that avoided the particulars of a kickback, bid-rigging and political financing scheme that profited Tremblay’s Union Montreal political party, a small group of construction firms and the Mafia.

But Tremblay said his deep faith and the support of his family and close friends helped him to get through the dark days that followed his resignation.

Tremblay quit on Nov. 5, 2012, after claims at the Charbonneau commission, a provincial corruption inquiry, that he had known about and ignored the tricks his party employed to get around election spending laws.

more bible parables

Ex-Montreal mayor says he was betrayed like Jesus Christ | Toronto Star
Been watching this.
The thing is the mob came clean on this. When asked about it ,one of the recipients of the lucrative business of keeping the infrastructure of Montreal a viable means of income, lol, said they had so much on us... might as well come clean.

The thing is it's the bureaucrats that ask for the bribes in the first place.
Even if you want to run a clean construction company you have to pay them off.

What better people to do this with than the mob.

Of course the mob fights amongst itself and threatens one another to not bid, but the politicians and bureaucrats are having a very hard time trying to show any threats posed to them.
They can't actually blame the mob for this way of doing business in Montreal

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