Meanwhile while the Ont Libs slop the hogs

Bornish turbines have to be removed and rebuilt (external - login to view)

It appears it’s not just a rumour, this turbine is coming down in NextEra’s Bornish wind project – blades were removed on July 7th, 2014.

What we are hearing is at least 6 possibly as many as 9 turbine bases were not excavated deep enough, approx 3 feet too shallow, and they are leaning/unstable enough that they have to be dismantled, cement broken out, dug deeper, repoured and reconstructed.

They cannot just move them over and pour another pad.

Remember everyone— these people are EXPERTS!!!

Bornish turbines have to be removed and rebuilt | Ontario Wind Resistance (external - login to view)

Powering up | Sarnia Observer (external - login to view)

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And the idjits voted the dyke and her party back into power.
Free Thinker
I must say that I am shocked, SHOCKED, that there are problems involved with the turbines!!!!

They tried to put up as many turbines as possible in as short of time as possible as they (the Liberals) didn't know if they would be in power after the next election. Therefore, it's not at all surprising that problems (and I think many more problems will arise as time goes on) have already started to crop up.

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