Rob Ford makes false claim about Sugar Beach spending

Called it.

Rob Ford makes false claim about Sugar Beach spending

Mayor Rob Ford made a false claim about Sugar Beach spending in an interview on Cantonese-language television on Friday.

Ford has lambasted Waterfront Toronto for spending more than $900,000 on the two giant rocks and 36 umbrella-like fixtures that adorn the park. In an interview with Fairchild TV, he added an entirely inaccurate statement to his attack.

Though Sugar Beach opened in August 2010, and though Ford posed for photos there in October 2010, he declared that the contentious spending decisions were made when he was away in rehab in May and June of this year.

“Obviously, I — as soon as I go away, they go and spend $1 million on rocks and umbrellas,” he said with conviction. He added: “The gravy train, obviously, goes back, right on the rails, as soon as I’m away.”

Ford’s incorrect assertion could ring true to casual followers of municipal affairs because the cost of the rocks and umbrellas only became public in late June, when Councillor Denzil

Minnan-Wong brought the information to the media.

The company that made the umbrellas, Soheil Mosun, happens to be located next to Ford’s family’s company in Etobicoke. Ford’s administration successfully pushed to appoint company owner Darius Mosun to the board of the city-owned Toronto Parking Authority in 2011.

Rob Ford makes false claim about Sugar Beach spending
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Sounds about as accurate as Chow claiming she could control guns.
Guns are for dummies.
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Guns are for dummies.

So are socialists.
That's why you vote for them.
the spending is correct, the late tooth-pulling release of the invoicing is the problem for the $12,000 'umbrellas' and $500,000 fake rocks. this 'vibrant' shiny stuff in my books is a retarded waste of money. the art-house goon 'construction' contracts probably went to a friend of another friendly friend that knew someone who knew someone else that blew him and all like that.

they're not real and they're not spectacular.

u happy?
Somebody can't read.

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