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Meet longshots for mayor of Toronto: Wally Schwauss says death looms

Wally Schwauss, 62, wants to be Toronto’s mayor. He believes there is a conspiracy to “get rid of 90 per cent of the population of the world.”

By: Daniel Dale City Hall, Published on Tue Jul 08 2014

Once a week through the end of the 2014 mayoral election, we’ll introduce you to an obscure person who is vying to be Toronto’s chief magistrate. This is an edited version of the interview.

There have been cheerier mayoral campaigns. Candidate Wally Schwauss, a resident of North York, believes most of us have been “marked for destruction.”

Schwauss, 62, says he is a former railway conductor. He decided to run for mayor because he is unhappy the TTC decided to take old subway trains out of service when the new Toronto Rockets arrived. What really gets him going, though, is the U.S. military’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (external - login to view), better known as HAARP.

Just listen. He will explain everything.

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Meet longshots for mayor of Toronto: Wally Schwauss says death looms | Toronto Star
Wally may be a bit too excited eh, I think a clean ROB FORD can get the job done, him and the coach got the game planned man relax it's just a major city
If Rob tells his supporters he's behind Tory...libs will be very mad...then harper gets another majority and it's all over.
No Party Affiliation
Wally musthave met the god Dr. Suzuki.

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