Quelle surprise - NDP care more about public service union members than taxpayers

The opposition New Democratic Party is calling for clearer rules to govern millions of dollars worth of performance pay for public service executives as well as for parliamentary hearings into how that money is being doled out.

“What strikes me is a real lack of consistency and that’s explained by the fact that there aren’t clear rules in place for bonus pay,” NDP Treasury Board critic Mathieu Ravignat told iPolitics. “You would think that what you would want would be a public service that is rewarded on the basis of merit at the executive level but in a clear and consistent way across departments and that’s not what we’re seeing happening.”

“There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason with regard to types of departments where performance pay has increased,” he added. “There’s an overall decrease but then there are some sharp increases in some departments which doesn’t really make any sense.”

more handwringing, brother

NDP calls for study of performance pay, bonuses (external - login to view)
Union members don't pay taxes?
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The NDP must make a choice and soon they either get on with their focus on unions,
small business and farmers their traditional base or they tie their horse to the
environmental wagon and believe me they can't do both.
You can't be all for jobs and workers rights, and be in favor of raising the fortunes of
small business and farmers and at the same time be in favor of a thousand rules that
are advocated by the Granola People that restrict the ability of the others to make
the economy grow with a balance of progress and the rights of workers in the workplace.
It is clearly time to chose in practical terms
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Union members don't pay taxes?

just read the black parts, brother.

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NDP care more about public service union members than taxpayers

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Union members aren't taxpayers?
captain morgan
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They are a very small percentage of the total.

Here have a Snickers

But they are still taxpayers.

captain morgan
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Perhaps you skipped the first sentence in post #6
Perhaps you missed the painfully obvious logical paradox.

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