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Irving Shipbuilding has announced four aboriginal tradespeople will be hired by a subcontractor as part of a signing and roofing contract for the National Shipbuilding Strategy.

Four Mi'kmaq workers were brought into the project as part of a deal with the Mi'kmaq Economics Benefits Office, the federal government announced Thursday at a Halifax news conference attended by more than 50 people, including two federal cabinet ministers, the deputy premier of Nova Scotia and several aboriginal leaders.

The government said it's a collaboration with aboriginal communities to build and match skills to the shipbuilding project.

The first four tradespeople will work with Flynn Canada Ltd. as part of the siding contract. They will be employed on siding and roofing projects.

"This clearly demonstrates what can be accomplished when the Government of Canada, private industry and First Nations work together on shared priorities," said Bernard Valcourt, minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. "We will continue to work together on shared priorities."

Nova Scotia's federal cabinet minister Peter MacKay was in Halifax for Thursday's announcement.

Kevin McCoy, the president of Irving Shipbuilding, was in attendance as well as Chief Bob Gloade of Millbrook.

Shipbuilding project to hire aboriginal workers in Halifax - Nova Scotia - CBC News

so all these douchebags develop their feelgood FN story, by hiring four roofers or whatnot as part of a giant shipbuilding thingie. how nice are these guys anyway? probably more cash spent on the idiot press conference than the total wages paid out to those four guys.

oh bravo, bravo.
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I had no idea there were non-Indian roofers. You can't swing a tar mop without hitting one on the Prairie.
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You can't swing a tar mop without hitting one on the Prairie.


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