Are you ready for the slimmer trimmer Rob Ford

He's back! Down from size 52 to 44, a slimmer Rob Ford is about to ‘turn the race upside down'

With a straight face and a calm voice, Toronto Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly turned from a city hall lectern he has used many times while trying to steady a tumultuous term of office and said, “I expect it to be business as usual.”

The venerable politician was talking about the impending return of the chief magistrate, Rob Ford, an event that has drawn decidedly more colourful analogies from other corners.

“Circus” is a popular one. “Cannonball” is another. “Rob Ford is the oxygen in the fire and if he’s not around there isn’t the excitement that gets a lot of media attention,” said John Filion, a councillor for the north-end ward of Willowdale.

On Monday, the infamous Mayor will re-emerge, back from a two-month stint at a rehabilitation clinic in Ontario’s cottage country, and into what will surely be a media feeding frenzy. Rivals for the mayor’s job, which is up for grabs in October’s municipal elections, are playing it cool, promising to stick to their playbook and the policies they are championing. But observers say Rob Ford has the power to alter the landscape of a largely sleepy campaign.

be prepared

Rob Ford’s return: Slimmer, rehabbed mayor about to ‘turn the race upside down,’ his campaign vows | National Post
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I am ready for a Rob Ford that just fades into history. He could slim down to a
32 yet his mouth would be the same size
Politics is just too boring folks.

You need me folks.

bill barilko
52 to 44 in two months?

I don't think so I smell another lie.
Season 2 of Rob Ford Towing
haven't seen a 32 since gawd was a boy but I'm happy enough with 36 for the past 10 years. was pushing 240 back in the day but a lot of that was beer weight.
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Oh wow, he lost a bit of weight..... that excuses everything and proves he can actually do his fk'n job.... brav'frickn'VO. *clap..... clap*
lone wolf
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Quote: Originally Posted by bill barilkoView Post

52 to 44 in two months?

I don't think so I smell another lie.

What's the matter with focusing on the job at hand and not stealing the spotlight for yourself, Robbie?
Mayor Rob Ford returned to City Hall Monday to apologize for his past behaviour and to credit rehab for saving his life.

Ford read a lengthy statement, admitting he had become plagued by addictions to drugs and alcohol and vowing to continue his re-election campaign.

"My commitment to living clean is now unwavering," Ford told around 20 members of the media at an invite-only press conference in the mayor's office. "To the people of this great city, I want to offer a public apology. I used poor judgment, and I take full responsibility for my actions."

Ford's return to City Hall came after a two-month leave of absence at GreeneStone Muskoka -- a rehab centre in cottage country.

"I was in complete denial," Ford said. "I had convinced myself that I did not have a problem.

"But it soon became obvious that my alcohol and drug use was having a serious impact on my family, on my health, and on my job as Mayor."


video of the news conference here:

Mayor Rob Ford offers sweeping apology | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun
Retweeted by Mayor Crime Lord (external - login to view) Limericking ‏@Limericking (external - login to view) 1h (external - login to view)

The mayor who lied about crack

Has ended his leave & come back

He doesn’t take Qs

Or make full confessions

& wants you to cut him some slack


everybody must get mad now
Chow is pooping in her panties.
and those that weren't invited are beside's rage time.
Quote: Originally Posted by eh1ehView Post

Or make full confessions

& wants you to cut him some slack


Werked fer our premier Dyke. (external - login to view)
VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: Mayor Ford’s full statement following rehab (external - login to view)
bill barilko
He hasn't lost a gram-reminds me of the Theresa Spence case-all lies.

He does look sober I grant you that but he's as much of a liar as ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by LocutusView Post

VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: Mayor Ford’s full statement following rehab (external - login to view)

Rob Ford: 'I had become my own worst enemy' - Toronto - CBC News
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I will reserve judgement....time will tell.

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