Toronto Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti calls Parkdale a 'pedophile district'

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Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti called a Toronto neighbourhood a "pedophile district" Monday in his attempt to ban all-ages electronic dance parties on the Exhibition Place grounds.

In a news release issued on Monday ahead of a public consultation regarding electronic dance music (EDM) events, Mammoliti said nearby Parkdale is "home to one of the highest concentrations of registered sex offenders, including pedophiles, living in the City of Toronto."

By allowing these all-ages parties to be held "next to a pedophile district, we are simply encouraging the continued abuse of our children," he said.

Mammoliti also addressed Coun. Gord Perks, who represents Parkdale and is in favour of having all-ages electronic dance parties on the Exhibition grounds.

"Why are you advocating for children and adults to be partying together right next to your ward which has one of the largest concentrations of registered sex offenders in the city?" Mammoliti said in the release.

Perks helped convince council to reverse a ban on the dance events in May. The ban was originally adopted by the Ex board with Mammoliti’s help.

In a statement, Perks denounced Mammoliti's comments.

"You may have heard the awful slur one of my colleagues has made against our wonderful neighbourhood," Perks said. "As we all know, Parkdale is the kind of community everyone in Toronto admires…. We accept and welcome and love each other. If the rest of Toronto were more like Parkdale, Toronto would be an even better place to live."

Perks said he has heard from many of his colleagues who want to "stand up" for Parkdale.

"Rest assured this attack comes from one irresponsible voice," he said.

Toronto Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti calls Parkdale a 'pedophile district' | CTV Toronto News (external - login to view)
Fantino Jr.
I actually met this guy in The Super Centre .
I had him and his girl friend in stitches.

I think what he was referring to was the fact Parkdale houses a large population of half way houses.

The corner of Keele and Dundas at the top of the post office was a half way house devoted entirely to pedophiles.

Anyway so this Mommilitto guy lol..
He has that executive gene that makes him have a certain look.

so i walk up to the guy and his girlfriend(I'm starting to think you had to be there ) and ask him where I know him from.

he looked sheepish at this and whispered his name.
so I go all smile and friendly on the couple and turn to the guy and get real serious. You gotta realize this was at the time Rob Ford crap was really hitting the fan.
I get a real look him in the eyes cornering the guy look(knowing he is now on the defensive) this is actually quite funny.

here goes;
"What is with you people?!"
dumb shocked looked on his face
"I mean really, (turn to girlfriend0 you know this guy?!"
she looks terrified.
"I don't get it"
they both are wishing they were not here.
"I've tried everything, the clothes , the haircuts, even went to a derrtmatoligist to brighten up my skin, but no matter how hard I try I can't look like these guys"

they both lighten up immediately.
"So what is it then, a gene , an executive gene that you either have or don't have"

So he says;
"Why thank you, but i'm wearing jeans (he had a designer jean jacket and designer jeans with a shirt that was at leasy $180.00 on sale), even wearing these?"
So i respond looking at the girl friend

"THEY don't know, they don't even know what they have in their genes., Look at the guy and look at me, it's that certain executive look, you can't buy it"

i guess you had to be there but they both cracked, probably from nervous release at where they thought i was going with
He shook my hand said it was a pleasure and thanked me..

now i dunno but as they walked off i could have sworn she was saying "See" and caressing his ego.

i liked the guy all and all and i'm sure it was the amount of known half way houses in the area no one wants to talk about!!!!

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