55 TFW's win $700K over 'slave-like' discrimination

They won't get the money but get to stay in Canada.........

The tree planters worked in a camp in Golden, in southeast B.C., in 2010, until it was shut down by the provincial Ministry of Forests, when the planters complained to ministry staff that they hadn't had anything to eat for two days.

The ruling said that the case was clear, there were open racial taunts and payment of wages was drawn along racial, slave-like line.

All of the tree planters are from Congo, but are now permanent residents of Canada with refugee status.

When officials from the provincial Forests Ministry arrived at the site, the tree planters told them they had not eaten in two days, were living in squalor and were not getting paid for their work.

One of the workers testified that the camp was divided down racial lines, and that black employees were forced to plant on rougher terrain and were fed inferior food.

But the company owners, Khalid Bajwa and Hardilpreet Sidhu, who have since declared bankruptcy, denied the claims.

In February 2011, Khaira Enterprises was ordered by B.C.'s Employment Standards Branch to pay its workers $236,800.

By November 2011, the branch was able to distribute $127,102 to many of the claimants but the rest of the money remains unpaid owing to the company's bankruptcy.

It seems unlikely the workers will receive any of the money awarded by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, a fact acknowledged in the ruling.


55 tree planters win $700K over 'slave-like' discrimination in B.C. - British Columbia - CBC News
Dear CBC Power and Politics :

The next time you invite Harper's former director of communications Geoff Norquay onto your Power Panel to reflect on the issues of the day, I think it's time you mentioned that from November 2012 until Sept 2013 he was a lobbyist for Tim Hortons to increase the number of foreign temporary workers allowed into Canada under the Foreign Temporary Worker's Program".

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