A case involving Bombardier, a Muslim pilot from Pakistan, and Québec Human Rights Tribunal is about to hit the Supreme Court of Canada. The top court has agreed to hear an appeal from the pilot, Javed Latif, who is seeking a ruling that Bombardier discriminating against him on the basis of his Pakistani ethnicity. Bombardier (the aeronautics company) relied, for its decision, on the fact that Mr. Latif has been blacklisted by US authorities. Mr. Latif argues that his blacklisting is just racially-motivated.

The case was initiated at the Québec Human Rights Tribunal, which ruled that Mr. Latif had been discriminated against by Bombardier. The Tribunal ordered payment of $300,000 in damages, and also ordered Bombardier to cease its practice of relying on US authorities’ blacklists when making pilot training decisions. Bombardier appealed to the Québec Court of Appeal, where the Tribunal’s ruling was set aside as “unreasonable.”

This should be an interesting one to watch.

Source: CTV News (external - login to view)