What Happened to the Moolah Raised At a 2013 IRFAN-Canada Dinner in Ottawa?

Just the other day IRFAN-Canada, a charity for Muslim "afflicted and needy" (the "A" and "N" in its acronym), was designated a terrorist organization (external - login to view) for allegedly funding an afflicted and needy Hamas. The outfit was stripped of its official charitable status back in 2011 and has supposedly been non-operational since then. But as late as March of last year (external - login to view) it was soliciting funds for afflicted and needy refugees from Syria:
Fundraising Dinner by IRFAN-Canada

In memory of the 2nd year of the Syrian revolution, a dinner will be held this Sunday, March 17, 2013, for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, hosted by IRFAN Canada.
We’ll be there. Will you?

Guest Speaker – Sh. Ahmed Shehab
Special Performance from A’idoon Dabkeh Group
Centurion Center
170 Colonnade Rd. S.
Ottawa, ON K2E 7J5
Dates & Time:
Sunday March 17th, 2013 @ 6:00 PM Gee, I wonder where the money raised at that shindig went.

The guest speaker, by the way, is an expert on "The Danger of Black Magic & Possessing of the Jinns (Spirits and Devils) (external - login to view)," although I don't know if he regaled IRFAN diners on that subject.

Scaramouche!: What Happened to the Moolah Raised At a 2013 IRFAN-Canada Dinner in Ottawa? (external - login to view)
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The current government in Syria is a nasty piece of work however the folks trying
to take power are even worse. Our country should not allow fundraisers that
support one group or another in conflicts like this.
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