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Canadian government go to telecoms for users information 1.2 million times a year

Michael Geist, one of Canada’s leading Internet privacy experts, said “basic subscriber information” is actually a very broad term that allows police agencies to link Internet activity to a customer’s identity.

Geist, who also writes a weekly column for the Star, said legislation currently before Parliament will actually expand the number of organizations that can ask telecoms and social media companies to voluntarily hand over their customers’ information, and protect those companies from civil or criminal lawsuits.

“It is a structure that allows for the massive disclosure of personal information with no court oversight whatsoever,” Geist said.

“It’s stunning to think that this is what the government is proposing.”

Geist said most Canadians are not aware that their data is being passed from companies to the government and would have little choice in the matter even if they did.

“What choice do you have, other than simply going off-line? The reality is your data is out there, it’s obviously being collected, and it can be used and disclosed many times without any kind of oversight,” he said.

Government agencies seek telecom user data at ‘jaw-dropping’ rates | Toronto Star
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