U.S. Foundations Support Canadian Anti-Oil Groups

In the activist anti-oilsands game, San Francisco-based Tides Foundation (Tides USA) is a big player.

Information obtained by Financial Post writer Vivian Krause reveals that virtually every organization campaigning against the Alberta oil industry was funded by this organization. The common purpose is to foment opposition to pipeline construction, including infrastructure essential for exporting Canadian energy to global markets.

The payment cover letters signed by interim Tides USA CEO Gary D. Schwarz stipulated that each recipient organization agreed “not to use any portion of the granted funds to carry on propaganda or attempt to influence either specific legislation either by direct or grass-roots lobbying.” Examples of Tides USA payments dating just between June and October 2013 alone include references that indicate otherwise:

The Pembina Foundation: was paid $225,000 to advance “the narrative that oil sands expansion is problematic, land use decisions that slow expansion, and improved climate policy . . . to provide regular briefings to the Tar Sands Group and broaden the base of key influencers.” They also received another $55,000 “for furthering awareness of the negative impacts of the tar sands economy,” and responded by releasing a report “Booms, Busts, and Bitumen.”

The Great Bear Initiative Society: was paid $65,000 to work with other organizations to “raise awareness of the cost of an oil spill,” plus another $25,000 to "maintain opposition to oil tankers, and to increase public support against the Northern Gateway pipeline."

The Sierra Club BC: was paid $15,000 through the Tides Canada Foundation Exchange Fund for a project called “Our Coast, Our Call: Mobilizing and Strengthening Opposition to Tanker Expansion on the BC Coast.”

First Nations at Fort Chipewayan: seven payments were also made through the Exchange Fund to build relationships with “indigenous solidarity" resistance and opposition along pipeline routes, including $35,000 for legal strategy and communications support “to constrain tar sands development" through West Coast Environmental Law.

The Dogwood Initiative: received funds “to cultivate widespread public opposition to tar sands oil tankers and pipeline proposals in British Columbia." (Note that Dogwood wasn't paid to oppose all tankers, but only tar sands oil tankers used to export Canadian oil.)

Greenpeace Canada: was paid $190,000 “for events that show opposition to pipelines and tar sands expansion" and “to expose the nefarious work of industry and government in order to expand the tar sands."

The Living Oceans Society: was paid $30,000 “to build opposition to the KM [Kinder Morgan] pipeline" and to “renew opposition parties’ commitment to tanker ban."


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more on TIDES:

opinion.financialpost.com/201...-canadian-oil/ (external - login to view)
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