Here's a name from the past........Dan Heap Dies

Former Member of Parliament and social justice advocate Daniel Heap has died, his family has announced. He was 88.

Born in Winnipeg, Heap was a Toronto NDP MP for more than 12 years, representing the Spadina riding after first winning a byelection in 1981. Before that, he served as an alderman for Toronto for nine years.

Before his political success, Heap, known both as “Don” or “Dan,” was defeated in a federal election in 1968 and then in 1971 when he ran for a position at Queen’s Park.

Heap was well-known for his views against war and crusades against poverty and homelessness.

Dan Heap, former NDP MP and social justice activist, dead at 88 | Toronto Star
never heard of him.
No Party Affiliation
Funny how everyone rallies and says what nice people the politician was and in life
we said just the opposite. There is a belief out the politicians are crooked all of them
not true some are but most are not and it reflects in society
Columbia, and a number of other nations including Mexico many or most are crooked
and look at the turmoil in the communities. The difference is outlaws rule cause thre
is no one there with the respect of the people and that creates a vacuum.
I met him once. A very nice person.


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