oh well, in that case, what's the big fuss...hard drive this, email that.

Duo cannot be forced to testify on deleted documents in gas plants scandal

Peter Faist moved to B.C. two weeks ago, just after the OPP revealed it is investigating former Dalton McGuinty chief of staff David Livingston for helping a non-government employee to scrub hard drives. Girlfriend and former McGuinty aide Laura Miller is now executive director of the B.C. Liberal Party.

A former Dalton McGuinty aide and her computer-savvy boyfriend named in an OPP report cannot be forced to testify before MPPs in the $1.1-billion gas plants scandal because they now live outside Ontario.

Members of the legislature’s justice committee were told Thursday that Laura Miller, now executive director of the British Columbia Liberal Party, and Peter Faist, have not confirmed dates to appear.

That left MPPs wary, given interest in having the duo testify soon on police allegations that Faist — who did not work for the government but had a contract with the Ontario Liberal Party — scrubbed computers in the premier’s office.

New Democrat Peter Tabuns said he doesn’t want a repeat of the difficulties in getting people like Dr. Chris Mazza to testify at another committee probing questionable finances at the provincial air ambulance service.


MPPs can’t quiz pair over hard drives — they’ve moved to B.C. | Toronto Star