limit our children’s future, curriculum expert says (external - login to view)

Five ways the Alberta government’s radical “Inspiring Education” plan for transforming our schools will hurt our children

Blog Editor’s note: Stuart Wachowicz, the former director of curriculum for Edmonton Public Schools, is one of the key architects of the education system that shot Alberta to the top of world education rankings in the early 2000s.

Alberta’s excellent system, based on an intensive study of core knowledge, is still generally intact and is the reason Alberta continues to score highly on tests such as the international PISA exam on complex problem solving. Alberta students finished 4th overall in the world, behind only Japan, Korea and China, other nations where the mastery of knowledge is the core concept of schooling.
Yet Alberta’s system is now under threat. Alberta Education is on a path to completely rewrite our entire school curriculum, setting aside the careful and dogged teaching and testing of knowledge, replacing it with an unproven theory of schooling known as discovery/inquiry learning or “constructivism.” (external - login to view)


Alberta Education’s radical curriculum reforms will damage economy, limit our children’s future, curriculum expert says | Edmonton Journal (external - login to view)