Steve has a Problem

Pauline Marois and the PQ used to be Harpers best political buddy.
Right up until the electorate of Quebec pitched her out like yesterdays trash.

Here's why.
If the PQ had won in Quebec the ROC would have had to live with the sword of separatism hanging over their collective provincial heads.
And who do you think the ROC would prefer to deal with a seperatist Quebec Federally?
A cold, hard and manipulative Harper and the Con’s?
Or a slightly dimwitted and inexperienced rookie named Justin?
A Justin who has previously stated that if Quebec was to separate from Canada he would choose to live in Quebec.
Anyway that ship has sailed.

Quebec and the Maritimes survive by sucking money out of the rest of Canada.
Both are high unemployment regions.
Ever increasing Unemployment Insurance and Federal transfer payments combined with a bloated
Federally funded public service sector are the very lifeblood of Quebec.

In a year and a half there is going to be a Federal election.
Quebecers are proven experts at checkbook voting.
And a Liberal now leads Quebec provincially.
A fairly clever Liberal we can assume as his last job was as a neurosurgeon.

So whom do you think Quebecers would prefer to be leading Canada after the next Federal election?
From their perspective?
An experienced, ruthless Conservative economist named Stephen Harper?

Or a na´ve, inexperienced Liberal Quebecer named Justin Trudeau?
Complete with Unicorns and pixie dust and all.

I can see half or better of Mulcair’s Quebec NDP seats quickly flipping to the Liberals come Election Day.
And then its “show me the money” time in Quebec.

And I can see pretty much every Federal riding in the Maritimes voting Liberal for exactly the same
reasons as the Quebecers have.

That is a big Election Day problem for Harper and the Con’s.
And probably a majority government for Justin and the Lib’s
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Harper would be a pretty terrible person to have in power if there was a referendum. Harper is a embodiment of exactly why Quebec wants to leave Canada. This image of a guy from Toronto and Alberta, who can barely speak their language, trying to tell them what to do and subvert their constitutional rights is a pretty big motivator for some people to want to separate.

He just tried to fill one of Quebec's seats on the supreme court with a federal judge who hasn't been a member of the Quebec Bar for like 2 decades. He actively fights things that are very popular in Quebec. When they wanted to maintain their own long gun registry, he fought them. He has fought euthanasia in other parts of Canada, and will surely fight it once it is passed into law by Quebec.

Someone like Trudeau(or even Mulcair), who has roots in Quebec and has policies that are much more in line with popular Quebec values would clearly be a much stronger leader for a movement to keep Quebec part of Canada.

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