Marois plays the Charest card

Marois plays the Charest card as increasing desperate PQ continues to slide in the polls

With the latest poll showing the Liberals widening their lead and approaching possible majority territory, Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois stepped up her attacks on her main opponent Tuesday.

Marois likened a vote for Philippe Couillard to a vote for the Jean Charest Liberal Party of the past, and accused Couillard of sowing referendum fear by constantly returning to the issue.

At the same time, she refused Couillard’s demand that she and her husband, millionaire businessman Claude Blanchet, publicly divulge their tax returns and the extent of their personal holdings, saying the provincial ethics commissioner has all the information he needs.


As poll shows Liberals widening lead, Marois steps up attack on Couillard, saying he’s ‘trying to make Quebecers fearful’ | National Post
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She says Couillard's budget plan would be a disaster? Where does she think she's going to get the money for her VERY expensive day care strategy?
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First of all the PQ played a risky card to start with and they are likely going to lose.
What happens when best laid plans backfire. The only hope they have is the day
care plan. People in Quebec take pride in it ten bucks a day. Like it or not its a
game changer even hinting you might discard it.
This government is a disaster a negative in a province facing several negatives.

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