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It did not go very well at all. She was on there for less than hour and answered 10 puffball questions. Someone in her office obviously underestimated the intelligence of Reddit users as there were some very good questions asked of her.

I€™m Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario. Ask Me Anything! : IAmA (external - login to view)

From this fail:

This AMA was LITERALLY under 1 hour and answered less than 10 questions, next time just update your Wikipedia profile

[–] (external - login to view)fuzzby (external - login to view) 143 points 14 hours ago
Does she not have staff familiar with social media to advise her? This AMA was like committing seppuku in front of her younger demographic.
Less than an hour, less than 10 questions, non-answers for tough questions...
She certainly acts like a politician...

[–] (external - login to view)Thufir_Hawat (external - login to view) 20 points 9 hours ago
Dude, it's like jazz - you have to read the questions she didn't answer!

[–] (external - login to view)cat6_racer (external - login to view) 6 points 5 hours ago
She'll have somebody who sent her a briefing, but she almost certainly ignored it.

[–] (external - login to view)speakingofsegues (external - login to view) 7 points 5 hours ago
"There's this thing called Reddit. The kids love it, apparently. All you have to do is answer a few questions and you'll win them over. Great PR move. It absolutely cannot backfire."
"Well, until recent, I worked as an advisor to Premier Wynne, and yes, I can start immediately."

[–] (external - login to view)EnemyAce (external - login to view) 4 points 4 hours ago
Serious fail of an AMA Premier Wynne. Way to lose everyone's votes in real time.

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