Premier Selinger, call your office.

In Manitoba, a couple of byelections (external - login to view) spell doom for the ruling NDP.
Liberal candidate Floyd Buhler, a municipal employee, finished second in Arthur-Virden, taking about 17 per cent of the vote with most polls reporting tonight. Compare that to the 2011 general election, when the Liberals won less than four per cent of the vote in the southwest Manitoba riding. In Morris, the party, represented by university student Jeremy Barber, upped its vote to 11 per cent from 6.6 per cent, finishing third.
It's one thing for the PC's to take rural seats; and something else for a defunct left-leaning party to quadruple and double its share of the vote. Yes, they were byelections, and not necessarily representative, still....
Via, NWC (external - login to view).

Premier Selinger, call your office. - Small Dead Animals (external - login to view)