Security Intelligence Chair under fire for being a pipeline lobbyist

SIRC chair's pipeline lobbying seen as symptom of larger problem

A former head of the committee that oversees Canada's spies has a warning for the current chair: It's generally not a good idea for someone in their position to act as a lobbyist.

Paule Gauthier was commenting on questions surrounding former Conservative cabinet minister Chuck Strahl, currently the head of the Security Intelligence Review Committee.

Strahl has come under fire after it was revealed he is also a registered lobbyist for Enbridge, the company pushing to build the Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta to B.C.

SIRC’s job is to monitor the activities of CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, which has been known to keep tabs on environmentalists and native groups opposed to pipelines. Forest Ethics, a group opposed to Northern Gateway, issued a statement this week calling on Strahl to step down as SIRC chair.

Gauthier, who served as chair of SIRC from 1996 to 2005, doesn’t see a conflict of interest in Strahl working as a lobbyist, but acknowledges it could create the perception of one.

“I think it would be much better to refrain from these activities,” she said in an interview from her law office in Quebec City.

Gauthier says if Strahl has followed the rules and is satisfied he’s not in conflict, there shouldn’t be a problem. But she can see how a SIRC chair doing lobbying work could raise eyebrows.

“It’s putting himself or herself in maybe a difficult situation that you cannot expect when you accept the mandate as a lobbyist,” she said.

SIRC chair's pipeline lobbying seen as symptom of larger problem
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Yeah, I don't like the surveiallance state and not crazy about the Northern Gateway pipeline, but I don't think there's anything here. CSIS "has been known" to keep tabs on envirnoemtnalists? Sure--they've been known to keep tabs on everyone. Also, not really a Conservatvie, but I always thought Chuck Strahl was a stand-up guy.
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