Harperites Catch Boing Boings Attention.........

Tories torch and dump centuries of priceless, irreplaceable environmental archives

Back in 2012, when Canada's Harper government announced that it would close down national archive sites (external - login to view) around the country, they promised that anything that was discarded or sold would be digitized first.

An irreplaceable, 50-volume collection of logs from HMS Challenger's 19th century expedition went to the landfill, taking with them the crucial observations of marine life, fish stocks and fisheries of the age.


boingboing.net/2014/01/04/can...-tories-t.html (external - login to view)
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Who needs that sciency stuff when you can hire "experts" in whatever field you need facts about ?
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This government has no appreciation for our history anyway. Its an expense
not an investment in who we are didn't you know that? This government will
go down as the worst government in the last three generations.

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