The Natural ruling Party.

Anyone seen Cobalt Kid lately?

This just in.
Jacques Corriveau close friend of John Chretien and well respected LPC bagman and party member has just been charged by the RCMP.
The charges are: fraud against the government, forgery and laundering proceeds of crime.
It's that nasty old sponsorship scandal thing.
Just a 100 million or so.
And it's only up to 5 prominent Liberals charged so far on this file.

I have to give it to the Libs.
They know how to close ranks, lawyer up and stall it out to the bitter end.
The Con's not so much.
Duffster suckers the Conservative PMO for $90,000 and the Cons roll over and disown him.
And it probably will not even pan out be a legal issue.

But ahhh but those Lib's.
Takes forever but they seem to be the guys always doing the hard time.

Wonder how many of the good old boys are whispering into Justins vacant little noggin?
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Had to say something didn't you.
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