Quit picking on the Shiny Pony

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wouldn't surprise me if it was well-planned. just a dig.

like justin's handshake. gerry butts likely told him to show Trump up if he had the chance to act out.

The visit accomplished what it was meant too, Loc. Justin got face time with Donald. They kept to the script. The business women's meeting is getting high marks - that was our government's idea. Seating Justin next to Ivanka was also a good move giving him the chance for some one-on-one with one of the most important people in the White House. And now that the all-important first meeting is out of the way, we can continue on with the behind-the-scenes diplomacy that helped make it a success. In this instance, the government got things just right.

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You do realize that it is your guy Spicer who comes out looking like an idiot in this...........don't you? And truly, from what I have seen of his performance so far, this does not surprise me in the least - what would have is if he actually did it right.

So your contempt for Trump means you hold every one surrounding him in the same contempt ? Are all his appointments and advisors automatically suspect ? Do you believe in secret agenda's ?
This happened a month ago, Trudeau was busy

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Trudeau offers 'sincere regrets' for answering in French only at Sherbrooke town hall ift.tt/2lobQ7D (external - login to view) #hw (external - login to view)


Tom "what shampoo do you use, Justin" Clark & Buzzfeed's anti-free speecher Elamin Abdelmahoud lecturing Tories on Manning journo panel.

dat lamestream media

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