Tories and NDP hold on to seats in tight byelections

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The Conservative Party won two of three federal byelections Monday night, holding on to its seats in Calgary Centre and Durham, Ont., while the NDP kept its seat in Victoria (external - login to view)

Tories and NDP hold on to seats in tight byelections - Politics - CBC News
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I thought these outcomes were interesting in that they were decisive yet there is change
on the winds in Alberta not a flood gate but some competition at least. Fist Ontario.
The outcome was expected though a little high at fifty percent. This however is not a
reflection of the province, as there are other areas of the Province where the vote is much
BC is one of those situations where it was a federal campaign on Vancouver Island where
the greens are showing some strength federally while doing little provincially and that was
expected I think the Greens did do much better than expected. Of course many do not yet
understand the Greens if elected would be more heavy handed than the Conservatives or
NDP they aer in fact more to the right than most realize.

Calgary now here is a sign of things in a slight flux of change. Hope for the Greens and liberals
well I wouldn't just up and down too high yet.
The Greens have a bit of strength in a given urban area of Calgary that is not the heralding the
Messiah is about to return. It means in one riding there is a pocket of strength nothing more.
The Liberals different subject. The numbers here were much closer than expected but why?
Slowly but surely the Province is changing in a marginal way more and more people from the
East are of different political faiths and it will make it closer but not a total turning point yet.
I also think it was a major factor in the Provincial Conservatives winning in their bout at the polls
Many long time Albertans might have wanted Wild Rose but those from the rest of the country
and not all Conservatives took one look at the threat the Wild Rose posed to life in general terms
and voted PC instead. That was reflected in the down turn in Liberals votes provincially
There is change coming to Alberta but it will still take a long time, perhaps a decade or more.
We will need a lot more political tea leave to read before a clear picture emerges.


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