Plan B in PEI

The times have arrived, even on little PEI, when the few people who have grabbed power believe they are untouchable. They believe we are too ignorant to understand 'how things work'. They forget that they work for us. It's time we all thought about what we are prepared to do when gov't stops listening. The time for pleasantries has ended. The time for being polite in our opposition has long since passed. The time for good people to decide that there IS more they can do, is upon us.

And for all of you who think this is a 'Bonshaw issue'. Be warned, they'll be coming for your stretch of the Trans Canada Highway, your property along the road, your Acadian forest, your ravine, your waterways and your childhood memories next.

We can still Stop Plan B because Plan B is just the beginning.

Want more information, visit the Official Stop Plan B website: (external - login to view)

STOP PLAN B Protests on quotThe Gentle Islandquot - YouTube

in 30 words or less, can someone tell me what is going on?

Plan B protesters not giving up - Prince Edward Island - CBC News

found an explanation.
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The best I could get out of it is that a couple of greenies lost their case but typical of greenies theirs is the only opinion that counts.
I haven't seen a single protester on my drive to work in over three weeks now. They were out by the road every day for a while. The new highway area looks like it will be even worse than the old so-called unsafe area once the snow starts drifting in the winter...

TS, it's not just the hippies. Farmers don't tend to like highways being diverted through their fields either. Though I have heard a few people are happy because the government will be compensating them for homes they couldn't sell.
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I did not know you live in Gods country
L Gilbert
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Holy sunuvaspud. If I get it right, the gov't wants to ditch the existing TCH between the two communities and build a new one using spurious grounds and nefarious tactics?
(scuse the puns).
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I think the old gentleman at 2.40 says it best. It is not the government's land, it belongs to Prince Edward Islanders.

We are allowing our country to become a police state. The apathy shown by most citizens toward the actions of govt in stripping our rights is horrible. I look for the day when the citizens rise up and tear down this farce of a democracy so we can start over and try to build a truly free country.
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PEI should be part of New Brunswick, and NB and NS made into one province.
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Quote: Originally Posted by dumpthemonarchyView Post

PEI should be part of New Brunswick, and NB and NS made into one province.

I think NS, NB, PEI and NF should be all one province. It just makes economic sense.
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Quote: Originally Posted by dumpthemonarchyView Post

PEI should be part of New Brunswick, and NB and NS made into one province.

An excellent idea and a great way to save money.
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You'd never see it.

The other Provinces wouldn't tolerate the French need/demand for bilingualism that we have in NB. PEI has the cash and I doubt they'd like to share, and NS is, well, NS :P

Plus here in NB they're trying to regionalize too much as it is, especially down here in the south where everyone seems to think the border stops at Moncton/Dieppe.
The gov'ment already's got all our sh it. Deal with it.

We didin't and got Harris, then McArsehole.

Man the barricades.

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