Public-sector job losses expected in Ontario budget on March 27

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan will deliver the grim news about Ontario’s fiscal situation on March 27.

That’s the day Duncan is to table the first budget since Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals were re-elected Oct. 6 with a minority government.

With a $16-billion deficit this year, the treasurer is expected to announce spending cuts in many areas that could result in public-sector job losses.

The provincial budget will come two days before federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty delivers Ottawa’s spending plan.
In the wake of former bank economist Don Drummond’s dire report last month on the need to reform government last month, the Liberals have been bracing the public for bad news (external - login to view).

McGuinty has urged teachers, whose contracts expire in August, to accept a two-year wages freeze.
As well, doctors, who are also in negotiations with the government, are being told not to expect raises.


Canada News: Ontario budget: Finance Minister Dwight Duncan to table budget March 27 -
L Gilbert
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Public sector job losses? Trading jobs for fiscal gain seems to be leaping from one fire into another. Gov't gains a little bit and watches unemployment grow then snivels about Harper's gov't spending too much (on UI) and people not supporting the economy and spending. Comical.

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