Do canadians need Toilet Training?

Vancouver is spending $200,000 on an "Adult Toilet Training" program this summer, using humourous videos and ads in pink port-a-potties to bring the message to its 2.5 million system users that it's not OK to flush "flushable" wipes -- or anything else other than "pee, poo and toilet paper."

In Fredericton, the city warns: "If you did not eat it first, you should find another way to dispose of it," on its website.

Toronto's wastewater division advises residents not to flush any wipes -- "even those that say flushable can cause a problem."

Metro Vancouver utilities chairman, is just as convinced that the wipes are a problem, pointing out that utility workers were able to use remote cameras to count flushable wipes travelling through the sewer system during a pilot project last year to test its toilet training campaign.

"It cost us $100,000 in 2015 to declog the pumps in the sewer system to remove flushable wipes," he said.

"We've identified them. The pumps get so full with them they just stop running and we have to go in and declog them."

A wastewater expert with the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group, comprised of 29 Ontario communities, says he stands by his rough estimate of $250 million per year in clog cleanup costs for Canadian utilities because of flushable wipes.

Barry Orr said municipalities are on the hook for more than $1 billion in additional capital costs to build more robust pumps, grinders and coarse screening systems to deal with flushable wipes, but bristled at the suggestion Canada's sewer systems are part of the problem.


Sewer system experts use advertising to battle 'flushable wipes' industry | CTV News (external - login to view)
Gubmint loves spending money.
Quote: Originally Posted by WalterView Post

Gubmint loves spending money.

Absolutely! What they should do is ignore it all. Then, when the sewer system is all backed up, they can pay overtime to city workers to take care of the problem. I'm sure that won't cost the "grub mint" a dime. Hmmmm?

(Always knew you were a closet Liberal. Come out if the closet, man, out of the closet!)
Very few people concern themselves with the fact that there's just way too much poohing goin on. I think it's time to ban it.
Curious Cdn
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Gubmint loves spending money.

Just over the border from here, there's a gubmint that stopped spending money on utilities and the whole goddam city has lead poisoning.

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