Get rid of central Banks

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Always liked Santelli's rants cuz he makes great sense.


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We need national issuers of currency, but accountable, publicly owned ones, not private ones, that's for certain.
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We need national issuers of currency, but accountable, publicly owned ones, not private ones, that's for certain.

Cuz gubmints are so honest.
America is unique in having privatized central banks who's decisions affect the world. They allowed Deutsche to make some shaky YUGE loans to some shaky companies that should not have happened and yet Santelli want's more privatization........Doh!
No, not run by government directly either: PUBLIC - owned by the people.
A publicly owned bank, like a credit union.
The government gets a good deal on infrastructure money and what ever, but its a peoples' bank run by accountable bankers.

Here is a successful approximation of what I mean:
"Bank of North Dakota" (external - login to view)
"Thanks in large part to BND, community banks are much more numerous and robust in North Dakota than in other states. North Dakota has more banks and credit unions per capita than any other state. In fact, it has nearly six times as many local financial institutions per person as the country overall. While locally owned small and mid-sized banks and credit unions (those under $10 billion in assets) account for only 29 percent of deposits nationally (see this graph), in North Dakota they have a remarkable 83 percent of the market.

By helping to sustain a large number of local banks and credit unions, BND has strengthened North Dakota’s economy, enabled small businesses and farms grow, and spurred job creation in the state.

Over the last 21 years, BND has generated almost $1 billion in profit. Nearly $400 million of that, or about $3,300 per household, has been transferred into the state’s general fund, providing support for education and other public services, while reducing the tax burden on residents and businesses." (external - login to view)
go with what works man
Curious Cdn
I think that Trump should issue his own currency ... the Donald Ducket.

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