Howard Johnsonís Is Down to One Restaurant in America

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Howard Johnsonís once ruled America with more than 1,000 orange-roofed, blue-spired eateries spread across the nationís highways and hubs, including New Yorkís Times Square. In the mid-Ď60s, its sales surpassed McDonaldís, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken combined.

As of Thursday, only a single location (external - login to view) of the 91-year-old brand will be left, perched by a roadside in scenic Lake George, New York.

LaRock spent more than $200,000 to remodel his Lake George eatery, seen above, where his first job was as a dishwasher more than three decades ago. Heís still trying to maintain that old school charm. ďThese are the old tables,Ē LaRock told CBS (external - login to view). ďThey donít make íem like this anymore.Ē

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Curious Cdn
No mo Ho-Joe?

oh, woe!
In my travels, I stayed at a couple of HoJo's and found them to be hospitable and highly efficient. Remember the old motto, "go happy, go HoJo"?
Imagine, things change.
Only one restaurant left?
Remember Kurt Vonnegut's novel where everyone had their last meal at a howard johnson before they were euthanized?
what a line up that will be.

take your need for fast food to-day

"There was a Howard Johnson's next door to every Ethical Suicide Parlor, and vice versa. The Howard Johnson's had an orange roof and the Suicide Parlor had a purple roof, but they were both the Government. Practically everything was the Government...
All Hostesses were virgins. They also had to hold advanced degrees in psychology and nursing. They also had to be plump and rosy, and at least six feet tall...

Their uniforms were white lipstick, heavy eye makeup, purple body stockings with nothing underneath, and black-leather boots... In a really good week, say the one before Christmas, they might put sixty people to sleep. It was done with a hypodermic syringe.

From Welcome to the Monkey House, by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.. " (external - login to view)

so that's where I picked up the "..." thing
I was wondering where that came from
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Times change. The change impacts our memories more than the world from which it passed. From HoJo's salad days (if you'll pardon the pun...)


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