Four More Mega-Banks Join The Anti-Dollar Alliance

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Four More Mega-Banks Join The Anti-Dollar Alliance (external - login to view)

That was fast.
Yesterday I told you how a consortium of 15 Japanese banks had just signed up to implement new financial technology to clear and settle international financial transactions.
This is a huge step.
Right now, most international financial transactions must pass through the US banking system’s network of correspondent accounts.
But having watched BNP Paribas get blackmailed into paying an absurd $9 billion fine to the US government, the rest of the world’s mega-banks knew instantly that their heads could be next ones on the chopping block.
So they started working on contingency plans.
Blockchain technology provided an elegant solution.
Instead of passing funds through the US banking system’s costly and inefficient network of correspondent accounts, blockchain technology provides an easy way for banks to send payments directly to one another.
I cannot understate how important this technology is.
On one thing you can be certain here; those oligarchs protecting the US petrodollar may well not go down without a vigorous fight.
This may well accelerate these coming wars with China and Russia, and by a large margin of time.

As the American dollar fades into toilet paper the parties have already started. They will be free of this contagion and soon.
and soon
when the dollars are not being held in reserve by these banks so they can funtion in that system:
a tsunami wave of repatriated dollars sucks all the gravy out of the harbour and then comes crashing in to blow out the whole kinkdumb like a pinch locked mosquitoe's thorax

not to mention the oil producing the countries the US has tried to strongarm into staying on the petro dollar by bombing all their people into other countries

it ain't going to work much longer as they all set up their own bourses
Two months ago a Canadian financial services company sent the first-ever institutional cross-border payment to a German bank.
Barack Obama May Have Finally Destroyed America's #1 Advantage | Zero Hedge (external - login to view)
It's about time we put the US in their place and stopped letting them push around the world. It could well be that a major international conflict is on our doorstep but many of the traditional US allies won't be there to help them.
after the US bellies up, I understand China is the new banker bully
What matters is that the 'new system' gets rid of the flaws from the old system, usury on all loans is the part that needs changing. Banks should be a public company with no shareholders. Interest would then be low and even eliminated for most individuals.
There should be no unified system.
Two systems which were destroyed by banker employed stooges were the tally stick system used in Britain (external - login to view)
and the Venetian silver banking system - globalism has been tried before and look what happened: (external - login to view)

" The critical difference between 1345 and 1995, was that in the Fourteenth century there were as yet no nations. No governments had the national sovereignty to control the banks and the creation of credit; or, to force these banks into bankruptcy in an orderly way, and replace fictitious bank credit and money with national credit. Nor was the Papacy, the world leadership of the Church, fighting against the debt-looting of the international banks then as it is today; in fact, at that time it was allied with, aiding, and abetting them....

....More revealing is the latest work of the historian of Venice, Frederick C. Lane, Money and Banking in Medieval and Renaissance Venice.† This work shows that it was Venetian finance which, by dominating and controlling a huge international “bubble” of currency speculation from 1275 through 1350, rigged the great collapse of the 1340’s. Rather than sharing the peace of mutual greed and free enterprise with their “allies,” the bankers of Florence, the merchants of Venice bankrupted them, and the economies of Europe and the Mediterranean along with them. Florence was the Fourteenth-century “New York,” the apparent center of banking with the world’s biggest banks. But Venice was “London,” manipulating Florentine bankers, kings, and emperors alike, by tight-knit financial conspiracy and complete dominance of the markets by which money was minted and credit created....

....As long ago as the 1950’s, in fact, one historian—Fernand Braudel—consciously demonstrated that Venice, leading the Italian bankers of Florence, Genoa, Siena, etc., willfully intervened from the beginning of the Thirteenth century, to destroy the potential emergence of national governments, “

The definition of insanity is said to be: repeating the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, yet knowing what happens because it has already been tried, a person still has to argue the point about globalism being less then ideal with people who are just to dumb to fall over
go figure eh?
There's nothing new under the sun.
Thousand Balls of Flame: A Whiff of World War III Hangs in the Air. Cold War 2.0 is On…

A Russian Perspective: Russia is ready to respond to any provocation, but the last thing the Russians want is another war

By Dimitry Orlov (external - login to view)
Global Research, August 27, 2016

Russia is ready to respond to any provocation, but the last thing the Russians want is another war. And that, if you like good news, is the best news you are going to hear.”
A whiff of World War III hangs in the air. In the US, Cold War 2.0 is on, and the anti-Russian rhetoric emanating from the Clinton campaign, echoed by the mass media, hearkens back to McCarthyism and the red scare. In response, many people are starting to think that Armageddon might be nigh—an all-out nuclear exchange, followed by nuclear winter and human extinction. It seems that many people in the US like to think that way. Goodness gracious!

But, you know, this is hardly unreasonable of them. The US is spiraling down into financial, economic and political collapse, losing its standing in the world and turning into a continent-sized ghetto full of drug abuse, violence and decaying infrastructure, its population vice-ridden, poisoned with genetically modified food, morbidly obese, exploited by predatory police departments and city halls, plus a wide assortment of rackets, from medicine to education to real estate… That we know.
We also know how painful it is to realize that the US is damaged beyond repair, or to acquiesce to the fact that most of the damage is self-inflicted: the endless, useless wars, the limitless corruption of money politics, the toxic culture and gender wars, and the imperial hubris and willful ignorance that underlies it all… This level of disconnect between the expected and the observed certainly hurts, but the pain can be avoided, for a time, through mass delusion.
This sort of downward spiral does not automatically spell “Apocalypse,” but the specifics of the state cult of the US—an old-time religiosity overlaid with the secular religion of progress—are such that there can be no other options: either we are on our way up to build colonies on Mars, or we perish in a ball of flame. Since the humiliation of having to ask the Russians for permission to fly the Soyuz to the International Space Station makes the prospect of American space colonies seem dubious, it’s Plan B: balls of flame here we come!
And so, most of the recent American warmongering toward Russia can be explained by the desire to find anyone but oneself to blame for one’s unfolding demise. This is a well-understood psychological move—projecting the shadow—where one takes everything one hates but can’t admit to about oneself and projects it onto another. On a subconscious level (and, in the case of some very stupid people, even a conscious one) the Americans would like to nuke Russia until it glows, but can’t do so because Russia would nuke them right back. But the Americans can project that same desire onto Russia, and since they have to believe that they are good while Russia is evil, this makes the Armageddon scenario appear much more likely.
But this way of thinking involves a break with reality. There is exactly one nation in the world that nukes other countries, and that would be the United States. It gratuitously nuked Japan, which was ready to surrender anyway, just because it could. It prepared to nuke Russia at the start of the Cold War, but was prevented from doing so by a lack of a sufficiently large number of nuclear bombs at the time. And it attempted to render Russia defenseless against nuclear attack, abandoning the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002, but has been prevented from doing so by Russia’s new weapons. These include, among others, long-range supersonic cruise missiles (Kalibr), and suborbital intercontinental missiles carrying multiple nuclear payloads capable of evasive maneuvers as they approach their targets (Sarmat). All of these new weapons are impossible to intercept using any conceivable defensive technology. At the same time, Russia has also developed its own defensive capabilities, and its latest S-500 system will effectively seal off Russia’s airspace, being able to intercept targets both close to the ground and in low Earth orbit.
In the meantime, the US has squandered a fantastic sum of money fattening up its notoriously corrupt defense establishment with various versions of “Star Wars,” but none of that money has been particularly well spent. The two installations in Europe of Aegis Ashore (completed in Romania, planned in Poland) won’t help against Kalibr missiles launched from submarines or small ships in the Pacific or the Atlantic, close to US shores, or against intercontinental missiles that can fly around them. The THAAD installation currently going into South Korea (which the locals are currently protesting by shaving their heads) won’t change the picture either.
There is exactly one nuclear aggressor nation on the planet, and it isn’t Russia. But this shouldn’t matter. In spite of American efforts to undermine it, the logic of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) remains in effect. The probability of a nuclear exchange is determined not by anyone’s policy but by the likelihood of it happening by accident. Since there is no winning strategy in a nuclear war, nobody has any reason to try to start one. Under no circumstances is the US ever going to be able to dictate its terms to Russia by threatening it with nuclear annihilation.
If a nuclear war is not in the cards, how about a conventional one? The US has been sabre-rattling by stationing troops and holding drills in the Baltics, right on Russia’s western border, installing ABM systems in Romania, Poland and South Korea, supporting anti-Russian Ukrainian Nazis, etc. All of this seems quite provocative; can it result in a war? And what would that war look like?
Here, we have to look at how Russia has responded to previous provocations. These are all the facts that we know, and can use to predict what will happen, as opposed to purely fictional, conjectural statements unrelated to known facts.
When the US or its proxies attack an enclave of Russian citizens outside of Russia’s borders, here are the types of responses that we have been able to observe so far:
1. The example of Georgia. During the Summer Olympics in Beijing (a traditional time of peace), the Georgian military, armed and trained by the US and Israel, invaded South Ossetia. This region was part of Georgia in name only, being mostly inhabited by Russian speakers and passport-holders. Georgian troops started shelling its capital, Tskhinval, killing some Russian peacekeeping troops stationed in the region and causing civilian casualties. In response, Russian troops rolled into Georgia, within hours completely eliminating Georgia’s war-making capability. They announced that South Ossetia was de facto no longer part of Georgia, throwing in Abkhazia (another disputed Russian enclave) for good measure, and withdrew. Georgia’s warmongering president Saakashvili w (external - login to view)

The US: A Dead Nation Walking. Russia Has Superior Weapons? (external - login to view)
ever since Putin nationalized the Russian central bank, the oligarchs had stole control of...
"Putin´s Confident: Putin to Nationalize Rothschild´s Central Bank and Purge “Collaborators” with West. “War till One Side Collapses inevitable”
Putin´s Confident: Putin to Nationalize Rothschild´s Central Bank and Purge “Collaborators” with West. “War till One Side Collapses inevitable” | NEW.EURO-MED.DK (external - login to view)

but one thing I have learned around here is
some yolks 'll write to the death to dewend their swavery
Quote: Originally Posted by CliffyView Post

Actually they are. People that work and pay taxes are entitled to much more than some lazy freeloader. I'm not talking about those that can't work but those that choose not to. Big difference.
I can't see this ending well for Canada, But while we are all on the bandwagon. Yahoo!
We don't know if capitalism works or not
It's never actually been tried

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