Gawkers horrible year

Via Drudge (external - login to view), we learn that Hulk Hogan (external - login to view) is going for the suplex on Gawker.

That's just the latest in their ongoing ordeals. First GamerGate's letter campaign cost them 'seven figures' (external - login to view) which is nothing to sneer at.

But they're also being sued by their slaves err, unpaid interns. (external - login to view)

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It's tough out there for for-profit liberal shills.

Gawkers horrible year. - Small Dead Animals (external - login to view)
A.J. Daulerio Is Ready to Tell His (Whole) Gawker Story

Not all that long ago, as the editor in chief of, Daulerio was among the most influential and feared figures in media. Now the forty-two-year-old is unemployed, his bank has frozen his life savings of $1,500, and a $1,200-per-month one-bedroom is all he can afford. He's renting here, he says, to be near the counselors and support network he has come to rely on lately.

Between this past summer and November, we had many long conversations in which it seemed like he was thinking out loud, dealing—and in many ways not dealing—with a cat's cradle of issues. During one conversation, he said, "If you woke up tomorrow and you owed Hulk Hogan $115 million dollars—just imagine that. Say it out loud a couple of times. No person can conceptualize how I would get into that situation."

I didn't follow the case but here's a really long story for the really interested........ (external - login to view)

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