A video posted to YouTube on Boxing Day shows a Vancouver Police officer receiving a nice holiday surprise from a group of carollers this Christmas season.

The video, shot by Kenna Marshall in the Kits neighbourhoood of Vancouver, shows a group of carol singers surrounding the police car and serenading the officer inside with a version of Feliz Navidad.

Only this one is Police Navidad.

According to a Twitter user who was also at the event, the singalong was to raise money for the Salvation Army B.C.

The Vancouver Police officer flashed their car’s lights during the serenade.

The VPD shared the video on its Facebook page on Boxing Day saying “we love this!”

Here is another video of the encounter, shot from a different angle:

Only in Canada: Carollers surround Vancouver Police car, sing ‘Police Navidad’ | Globalnews.ca (external - login to view)