BC's Carbon Tax A Success

how does this fix the coming glaciation all the actual charts show is the next pattern repeat?
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Revenue-neutral carbon tax is not a fairy tale
There is a conservative position on climate change whose chief opponents are other conservatives. It is to tax carbon, not on top of existing programs for reducing emissions, as those on the left would do, but as a replacement for them — and not on top of existing taxes but as a replacement for them. This is the proposal Michael Chong has put before the Conservative party, but the same approach has been suggested by a number of other prominent conservatives.
Nevertheless the idea has been heavily criticized by Chong’s rivals in the Conservative leadership race. Their objections range from the scientifically dubious (climate change isn’t human-caused) to the economically illiterate (prices don’t affect behaviour). But the crowd-pleaser is simply to dismiss the whole premise of the exercise: that any revenues raised would be given back in tax cuts, or in other words that it would be “revenue neutral.”
No less an authority than Kevin O’Leary denounces the idea as “B.S.” Andrew Scheer recites a convoluted story involving Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, while Steven Blaney is content with the logically unassailable “a tax is a tax is a tax.” All rely heavily on eye-rolling appeals to what “everybody knows,” time-honoured slogan of the clued-in and the wised-up. As in: everybody knows there’s no such thing as a revenue-neutral tax reform.

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It's been revenue neutral but people like to misinterpret that to mean they get all their money back (which is stupid)
that doesn't actually answer the question
What question?
if you missed it, that's your problem
BC carbon tax is a rip roaring success. Brings in far more than what other taxes were reduced and has the added benefit of making everyone outside major population centers pay far more than their fair share of taxes.

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$1.14 is cheap gas. WE pay $1.23 except at Costco in COurtenay. SOmehow they can sell it for around $1.10 and make a profit.
Of course if one should be so fortunate as to have a status card they don't have to pay the carbon scam tax cause Indian cars don't polute.
thats 114 litres not the price. Price per L was $1.32 which was down from $1.37 earlier that day.
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It's been revenue neutral but people like to misinterpret that to mean they get all their money back (which is stupid)

Oh please, you think revenue neutral means they plow the money back into infrastructure or something. That is NOT revenue neutral, it's called a tax grab.
A tax is revenue neutral if it neither increases nor decreases tax revenues when compared to existing law. In other words, for the carbon tax to be truly revenue neutral, taxes have to be reduced or eliminated elsewhere by an equivalent amount.

But then again, what should anyone expect from a dolt who argues that an ideology equals race/ethnicity. And that's the problem with progtards like you, always revising history and definitions to suit the narratives you're always pushing.

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