Canadian Idol Fans Watching American Idol (Canadian Idol Fans Watching)

I proudly admit to never watching these Canadian or American Idol broadcasts, a wasteland of mediocrity. I have watched when forced to because I'm visiting someone. Then I head home and shake my head at what I just witnessed. Awful, just awful. Otherwise, not a chance will I watch these mundane, mostly no talents make a bad song worse or make a half decent song awful. Nope, I have no interest in this drivel. Gimme a dog show anytime over this stuff. Hold it, I did on my own watch an episode where all these things sang Beatle's songs. I laughed so hard at how bad it was, I almost wished it would be on again, so I could laugh again. Now this was a travesty. Just putrid.
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Well then I guess you won't need to post any more about it if you aren't watching it.

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