Any Crazy Gambling Stories Out There?

Curious Cdn
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A little bit of a teenage post eh ? How old are you ?

You're the one who does not have the guts to gamble . I bet your still trying to win the lotto though ?

Do YOU pay the tax on the stupid?
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Chicken . No male parts eh ?

Not chicken, just smart.
'Body pieces everywhere': Train crashes into bus full of gamblers | World | News
Curious Cdn
What are the odds, eh?
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I bluffed Daniel Negraneau out of 200k.

The better players are much easier to bluff as they would rather not risk the chips especially early in a tournament .
a buddy of mine who is a real life wrecking gambling addict, asked to be barred for life for his own good
the casino wouldn't do it
3 months was the most they would give him

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Do YOU pay the tax on the stupid?

we pay a time tax reading your posts
does that count chickenchit?

(even though we know ahead of time they are all losers)

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