The David Suzuki thread got me thinking

Has the left started eating its own? It sure seems like it. Dissing a Liberal PM?

Well on his 80th birthday, Suzuki gave the CBC an interview. At one point he said that he was 80 and would say what he wants now. And he probably farts a lot. In public. My guess is that Cliffy and him would get along. Cliffy. Trudeau. Suzuki. Hitler! Just watch the video. You'll understand.

There is some mild language, k?



Hoof Hearted
David Suzuki, the Eco-Fascist and his carbon footprint...

David Suzuki a man of property | Canada | News | Ottawa Sun (external - login to view)

At Occupy Vancouver, Suzuki extolled the virtues of his anti-corporate agenda and condemned excess.

Do as I say, not as I do.
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Has the left started eating its own?

The "left" have no problem disagreeing with each other. Incidentally, neither does the right. You're just confused because you're a Trumpite. Disagreement makes you sniffly
If you don't denounce liberalism, you ain't no lefty.
You can be one of the silent majority. And holding on that, let's take a look back at history and listen to the first time the words, 'the silent majority', were uttered in public. Richard Nixon said what would become an expression of the time. Still used, but not as much as before.


And he wasn't a crook...


I rode a Suzuki dirt bike once it was fun until I wrecked
Sometimes, you can get a little mileage from things like this.


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