His show was pretty good and I listened to it a few times a week but when he was a partner with Hannity it was there he shone correcting the truthiness Hannity was frothing out.......

Reflecting on the odd couple they made, Robert Thompson, a Syracuse University scholar of television and popular culture, mused that “we’ve had perfect pairings of people who often don’t agree with each other — Siskel and Ebert come to mind. It always depended on bringing balance to that chemical equation.

“ ‘Hannity & Colmes’ was not one of those balances,” Thompson continued, recalling Hannity’s habit of frothing in the talk-radio tradition while Mr. Colmes attempted to proffer calmer arguments.

The Fox News viewership “enjoyed the mismatch,” Thompson said — the nightly tossing of Mr. Colmes “to the wolves.”

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