Seeing As Jesus and Justin Trudeau Were Both Born on Dec 25th

Hoof Hearted
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Thought I'd have a little fun...

What do Jesus and Justin both have in common?

1) Both have good hair.

2) Both taught people how to act properly.

3) Both mothers would blow on a Stone for good luck.

4) Jesus was in charge of the sheep. Justin is in charge of the Canadian voters.

5) Both propheted from their speaking tours.

6) Jesus rode an a$$ out of town. Justin fired Stephane Dion.

7) Both got the Job because of their fathers.

Jesus admired the sacred cow. Justin admires Hedy fry.

9) Jesus was a carpenter. Justin wants to build Canoe Sheds.

10) They both think they're God's gift to mankind.

(Okay, that's all I got. Feel free to add your own! )
lone wolf
Sasha was born Dec 25 too.... Maybe a gimmick to save on birthday gifts and help remember when to order the cake
Theyre both Capricorns
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnnyView Post

Theyre both Capricorns

"Let me take your hats and goats."
Hoof Hearted
This one never gets old...


Both their dads look like a dictator from Cuba
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoof HeartedView Post

This one never gets old...


Good grief. First time I've seen that clip, HH - thanks so much for sharing. One of the best B performances I've seen in awhile.

So why is it that he can't seem to utter two words without a stuttered uh today when back then he could actually articulate his message quite well and without so much as a pause?

He reminded me of the actor who played John A MacDonald in Birth of a Country (CBC doc about Confederation) - many of the same gestures - the tossing of the hair - (speaking of the hair, that's another thing that was eerily similar) - the righteous ire, the superior tilt of the head (see below), the passionate phrasing and strident endorsement of Canada. It's all there.

Shawn Doyle


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