Mexican Man Who Has Longest Pen!s in the World Offered Porn Job

Hoof Hearted
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Offered doesn't mean accepted. But how did they know he has the world's longest? Referred by his physician? I guess someone's physician will get fired soon for violating patient confidentiality
lone wolf
Maybe he should tease Trump with it....
if he is an illegal, he would have voted for hillary...several times
so...after Madonna is done with it

he might not

Former Secret Service Officer: Madonna’s Bomb the White House Speech Could Motivate Others to Act (external - login to view)

porn is after all, acting

...and as to madonna's threat to blow up the Whitehouse
it's SUCK dear...
Blow is just a figure of speech
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Hoof Hearted
Apparently this Don Juan has an 19+ inch blade...

Makes mine look like a pen knife.
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Apparently this Don Juan has an 19+ inch blade...
Makes me look like a pen knife.

here, in case the movie is really good
He outa clamp a reel on that nasty rod and go fishing..
...or maybe just stick a hook in it and jump over the side
"cat"fish wood love it

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