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  1. Mars is inhabited.
  2. Flu is not the biggest danger ...... It's the vaccine
  3. Galactic Federation of light have you heard of them.?
  4. Does the rain come down from the cloud?
  5. The earthquakes that follow the total solar eclipse.
  6. Expanding Earth Theory
  7. Chemtrails
  8. A better theory about coal
  9. The mystery of sunspots
  10. thoughts on 2012 and the Mayn Calendar
  11. 9/11, an inside job?
  12. The hurricane may start as a sandstorm.
  13. December 21, 2012
  14. David Icke - Reptilian
  15. "Bartin" Alternate Theories Rants...just keeping them together....
  16. countdown to doomsday
  17. The Doomed Mercury
  18. October 21 - The End is Near
  19. FOX News caught using NLP Neuro-linguistic programming
  20. Oceans, alleged ancients, on Mars.
  21. The Big Bang Theory....Simplified?
  22. Humans decended from dinosaurs.
  23. The hurricane may start as a sandstorm - Part 2
  24. Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact - but it has been covered up for
  25. Now that it's 2012, I have a word or two about doomsdays
  26. Mysterious Creature Washes Ashore in New York City
  27. RCMP get call for 'non-human entities'
  28. '9/11 Conspiracy Theories Ridiculous' - Al Qaeda
  29. ugly one
  30. How to understand Vacuum: T=0K ?
  31. UK Paediatrician and MSBP Expert Knew Babies Suffered Breathing Problems and Died
  32. Bill Gates Funds Covert Vaccine Nanotechnology
  33. ghost train hunter run over by actual train
  34. UFO sightings on the rise: study
  35. Did men live among the dinosaurs?
  36. Asteroid corner pocket, "8" ball Strategy.
  37. Tearing apart the False Flag myth...
  38. Quantum particles and Aether.
  39. Alien spacecraft
  40. Weird Sea Creature Spotted In Spain?
  41. Roswell's learned to embrace the extraterrestrial
  42. More UFO sightings? Apparently the skies were alive in 2013
  43. Bill Vander Zalm and Chemtrails ?
  44. 2012 - Best U.S. places to survive the apocalypse
  45. saint malachy petrus romanus last pope prophecy
  46. Witchcraft Technology
  47. google doodle roswell spaceship crash
  48. chupacabra found?
  49. 12,900 extinction event real
  50. Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Skull&Bones
  51. The Origin from Zero Vacuum: T=0K.
  52. Chimps & Pigs, the human hybrid family tree
  53. Heisenberg Uncertainty principle: (ab ≠ ba) and Electron.
  54. Loch Ness sighting? Apple maps appears to have found mythical creature
  55. SRT by an uneducated Socratus.
  56. Future and Time / hypothesis /
  57. Watch National Park Secrets and Legends - Travel and Escape
  58. bigfoot?
  59. The Inside Story: The curious case of the cursed wedding ring
  60. Hadfield is back.
  61. The photon and the electron are one and the same particle in different conditions.
  62. The *Time* sends us into an unknown Eternity / Infinity.
  63. Matter, Eternity, Time
  64. Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
  65. Photons know a few tricks that physicists don't.
  66. Philosophy of Physics / Science ?
  67. Family claims to have spotted UFOs near Montreal
  68. UFOs Spotted Around Clouds
  69. Claims of haunting, demon possession turns locals into believers
  70. Mediums say they can clear out spirits from homes
  71. unsealed
  72. Today Quantum mechanics is "non-mechanical" theory.
  73. Religious image appears at Mississauga Hindu temple
  74. A closer look at Toronto’s haunted history
  75. No Loch Ness sightings boggles monster believer
  76. UFOs sighted in south Alberta sky: Report
  77. Hollow Earth Hypothesis
  78. Observation and mind. (Socratus dilettante opinion)
  79. Brain scans show that dogs are as conscious as human children
  80. Witchcraft suspected after body stolen from tomb
  81. UFO in Toronto's skies?
  82. Are we alone? Top 5 Canadian cities for UFO sightings
  83. History of the "quantum of action". / by Socratus /
  84. Torontonians looking skyward after surge of UFO sightings
  85. Electromagnetic scheme.
  86. UFO orbs over Cambridge, England!?
  87. Two epochs: Planck's and Weinberg's.
  88. Pauli Exclusion Principle / by Socratus /
  89. The province with the most UFO sightings is…
  90. Fox journalists say they were touched, pinched and scratched in haunted house
  91. British police raid pub in search for 'Holy Grail'
  92. SRT: "space AND time" and "spacetime"
  93. What the stars foretell for T.O.
  94. Tom DeLonge talks aliens, Area 51 in bizarre interview
  95. blood moon apocalyptic prophecy