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  1. Quit picking on Obama……
  2. Occupy Wall Street Fail
  3. 2016 Presidential Campaign
  4. Palin in 2012
  5. Obama - What is your opinion so far on his Presidency
  6. The 'Official' Quit Picking On Trump Thread
  7. Smile! You’ve Got Socialized Healthcare!
  8. Quit Picking On Romney
  9. 9/11: Debunking The Myths
  10. Let's pick on Hillary (Her Thighness)
  11. Technical question on WTC collapse
  12. The Election Of The Greatest Con-Man In Recent History
  13. The Military, So easy, even a caveman can do it...
  14. Fake CNN video on 9-11
  15. Arizona's Immigration Law
  16. Quit Picking on the Republicans
  17. Bush plot to merge Canada, the U.S. and Mexico
  18. Republican wars vs. Democrat wars of the last 100 years?
  19. Demolition Experts Debunk 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  20. Nicholas Rockefeller
  21. Is Obama the worst president ever?
  22. Racist Anti-Obama Cartoon From NY Post
  23. Why are tea baggers white?
  24. Ted Cruz: Can't touch this
  25. 9-11-ten yrs Later
  26. US Government is Closed!
  27. Is the U.S. Insolvent
  28. U.S. summer a global warming preview, scientists say
  29. The Truth About Fema
  30. The casual arming of the idiot cousins in the country directly south of Canada.
  31. AlBore's Inconvenient Lies
  32. 'America' vs. USA
  33. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Debunked - Video
  34. Should a man go to jail if he's caught with child porn in his house?
  35. Who Pays Income Tax In America ???
  36. Obama and Odinga
  37. Hillary Clinton to Announce 2016 Run for President on Sunday
  38. How Much Is an Iraqi Life Worth?
  39. Mosque near Ground Zero
  40. Michelle Obama: The Perfect Role Model for Third World Women?
  41. It Can Happen only in Texas.
  42. The next american president
  43. Why does the U.S. try to turn the Kingdom of Prussia into America?
  44. Anti_Islam protests victory for extremists?
  45. Obamacare Passes!!!
  46. Omar Khadr....
  47. What Americans really think.
  48. Is 60 Minutes Andy Rooney Racist?
  49. Tea Party Protests: 'Ni**er,' 'Fa**ot' Shouted At Members Of Congress
  50. Star-spangled banner - an English view
  51. Obama Health care Reform
  52. List of jobs lost since the Bamster's re-election
  53. Remarkable letters of death row killers revealed
  54. Canada-USA border vs. USA-Mexico border, a comparison
  55. Arizona's New Flag...
  56. Palin steps down as governor of Alaska
  57. Tea Party Group Protests American Muslim Relief Group Fundraiser
  58. Bush personnally authorized and signed 9-11.
  59. If You Hate Ladies & Are Scared of Muslims, You'll Love North Carolina
  60. BO`s Benghazi BS and Cover Up Far Worse Than Watergate
  61. An Interesting take on WW2 A-bombs
  62. German POWs WW11
  63. Is Bush the worst U.S. president ever?
  64. There Goes America
  65. Us army does intentionnaly kill peoples.
  66. New Mexico Abolishes Death Penalty.
  67. Army symbol is religious, should be changed
  68. Is Obama already planning his re-election ?
  69. Where/When Will WW3 Start?
  70. Are Canadians anti-American?
  71. Another Hypocrite Bites Dust!
  72. History Lesson For Anti-Americans
  73. Dream GOP Candidate for Obama in 2012?
  74. Iraq War Surge Reducing Overall Violence Despite Bombs
  75. Wisconsin Republicans - "No Room For Compromise"
  76. Why They Hate Us...How Many Muslims Have US Killed In Last 30 Years?
  77. Massive Oil Deposit Could Increase US reserves by 10x
  78. The "who, what, when, where and why" of American History.
  79. Annexation of Canada
  80. Gov. Rick Perry, Uneducated Ignoramus
  81. US dollar value now sinking more than acceptable
  82. Why The 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away
  83. Al Gore Receives Nobel Peace Prize
  84. Michelle Bachmann March to 2012
  85. Bush: constitutional amendment - Gay Marriage Ban
  86. Nicholas Rockefeller Predicted "Event" To Trigger War Eleven Months Before 9/11
  87. Prisoner trade by Obama: Malevolent or just Stupid?
  88. America's Inadequate Healthcare
  89. US in deep trouble for killing 60 children!!
  90. Pace says he..........won't apologize
  91. Donald Trump claims Barack Obama bombshell
  92. 9-11 coincidence
  93. Is America Turning To Communism?
  94. Why They All Seem To Hate US
  95. Rights American style!
  96. Barack Obama will probably get re-elected in 2012
  97. Best for America..Obama or McCain?
  98. The Forgotten Holocaust Remembered
  99. Another Hypocrite Bites Dust!
  100. Lets talk about Nancy Pelosi
  101. 39% of Americans say Impeach Bush
  102. Rick Santorum
  103. Pat Robertson: Haiti ‘Cursed’ By ‘Pact To The Devil’
  104. Obama`s approval rating drops dramatically
  105. What do Canadians Use For Swearing In?
  106. "Insulted" by Israel, U.S. scrambles to save talks
  107. 9-11 Unmasking the Media Perps
  108. Cindy Sheehan QUITS
  109. Pondering Failure in Iraq
  110. Passing Health Care Reform in the Senate
  111. Obama BUTCHERED the Oath of Office
  112. Canadian New Racial Slur?
  113. Senate Report On CIA Torture
  114. Obama bows...AGAIN!
  115. Bow down Obama
  116. Self-inflicted 9/11 ???
  117. Accomplishments of George W Bush
  118. Barack Obama Failed
  119. Americans manufacture another nuclear crisis
  120. The OFFICIAL Trump Travel Ban Thread
  121. Nationalism Bad for America
  122. Is Obama a bully?
  123. Impending War On Iran
  124. America's bail out
  125. US drones killed 123 civilians, three al-Qaeda men in January
  126. The Truth About Hillary's Bizarre Behavior
  127. FDA Attempting to Regulate Supplements, Herbs and Juices as "Drugs"
  128. H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007
  129. Ben Carson for prez 2016
  130. Debunking the 47 million uninsured Americans myth
  131. Rush Limbaugh's ratings fall
  132. Trouble on the U.S.-Mexican border.... illegal immigration, etc.
  133. The Dead Always Vote Democrat (Sometimes Even Twice!)
  134. Ted Kennedy gravely ill
  135. 73,846 American deaths from Irag
  136. Texas Considers Executing Repeat Child Rapists
  137. Hillary a MONSTER?
  138. Police Brutality - Time to get pissed
  139. Michele Bachmann says a lot of false things
  140. Ted Kennedy's "Seat" goes to the Republicans
  141. G.W. Bush's "Decision Points"
  142. AIG Rec'd $170 billion in Bailout /Giving$165 million in bonuses
  143. Another President Bush
  144. The proverbial "State "of the Nation
  145. Israel has the right to defend its people. Hamas is Iran's bouncer
  146. GOP Convention
  147. Detroit Files for Bankruptcy
  148. The Brutal Truth About America's Healthcare
  149. Life on death row, kind of a cake walk.
  150. NorthAmerican SuperHighway
  151. Jesus camp in USA
  152. Memories of Hanoi Jane
  153. Welfare Cuts in USA
  154. Creating a sociopathic nation
  155. War Crimes?
  156. Regional differences within both Canada and U.S.
  157. Debit Cards and Overdraft fees
  158. US Presidential Election Poll
  159. Obama wins presidency!!!
  160. Where's Al Gore?
  161. Hillary Clinton SNAPS!
  162. 2008 American election
  163. Chris Wallace interviews Clinton
  164. Michelle Obama: "All this just for a flag"
  165. Obama Addresses Campaign Staff on Hurricane Sandy
  166. Would Canada allow 12 million illegal Americans to stay?
  167. White House Does Not Like Fox News
  168. Is America becoming a military dictatorship
  169. How Gore's Massive Energy Consumption...
  170. 2016 Republican National Convention
  171. 1/3 Population of Puerto Rico Gets Food Stamps from U.S. Gov’t
  172. Mittens Promises Americans Energy Independence - With Canadian Oil
  173. Iowa Legalizes Gay Marriage: Have the Floodgates Opened?
  174. Candidate for USA Congress says "Bush did 9-11"
  175. What Liberals do not want us to see.
  176. The Gray Plane That No One Saw
  177. U.S.A. should help Greece fight fires
  178. Who Knew Congressman Foley Was A Closeted Democrat?
  179. John Kerry supports the Troops...
  180. Mexico Will Pay For Wall say Trump
  181. Bush was better
  182. Canadian Health Care
  183. Another Hypocrite Bites Dust!!!
  184. Romney Closes In On A Landslide Victory
  185. Best for America II - McCain or Obama
  186. The Democrats get control of the House
  187. Contrary to popular belief
  188. Happy Independence Day - July 4th
  189. Donald Trump says he may run for U.S. president
  190. The fairy tale of Americanism
  191. Racial profiling?
  192. Advanced voting results are in, who is in the lead??
  193. Calling them Teabaggers OK...Obama...
  194. Everybody likes Anne Coulter....Right?
  195. Obama has sold out American Air Defense
  196. American Disintigration in 2010
  197. Electoral College
  198. Herman Cain could be the Republican nominee for President
  199. Is the phrase "In God We Trust" and the pledge a endorsement of religion?
  200. 2016 Democrat National Convention
  201. obama warns Putin...again
  202. Our good neighbor to the south......
  203. Mitt Romney to name Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as running mate
  204. Wars sending U.S. into ruin
  205. Surprise! (or Horrors!) Obama’s Approval Rating Is on the Rise
  206. The Official President Trump Thread
  207. Biden’s gay-marriage gaffe is mess for White House
  208. Thanksgiving: Do Native Americans give thanks?
  209. Kerry's Freudian Slip
  210. Iraq war botched and illegal
  211. The Myth of the NAFTA Superhighway
  212. Meanwhile, down in the US
  213. IRS knew tea party targeted in 2011
  214. CIA Concludes Russia Influenced Election to Help Trump Win: Source
  215. Why does America's economy always suffer under the Republicans
  216. Presidential debate
  217. Anti-American prejudice.
  218. 9-11 conspiracy theorists versus myth debunkers
  219. Pope’s Message a Dismal Failure in USA.
  220. Vietnam...
  221. POLL: Who Is Going To Lose In The US Election Today?
  222. Lady Gaga Fights For Gays
  223. Mau Mau Uprising may sour Britain's relationship with Obama's US
  224. A Hypothetical Invasion of Bolivia
  225. Clinton or Bush?
  226. Stuff I didn't know
  227. Sept. 11 was the day my religion was hijacked
  228. John McCain's foreign-policy agenda (from Süddeutsche Zeitung)
  229. My Space and FBI
  230. Rep. Peter King: Muslims aren't "American"
  231. Sarah Palin floats idea of leaving the Republican Party
  232. Christians only Baseball
  233. Illegal Immigration: US
  234. Michelle Obama's crusade.
  235. Secrets of the CIA
  236. It's Official!! Jeb Bush Kicks Off 2016 White House Bid
  237. So The Race Begins
  238. No More Jesus Rifles
  239. Yellow-Bellied Spineless Cowards
  240. Another War in the Works
  241. excepting Barak Obama, who is the worst US President in HIstory?
  242. Why is always about Isreal?
  243. Good argument for gun control
  244. Donald Trump team 'discussing plans for Muslim registration system'
  245. Top Cop Says McCain is a Liar
  246. BHO running in '12 unlikely.
  247. Right Wing Hypocrites
  248. Thank you dear cousins
  249. 100 Banned Books
  250. impeachment will be heard Friday