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  1. The Enfield poltergeist: A 30-year silence is broken
  2. Atheist Jokes
  3. Is there proof of life after death
  4. Welcome to the real world.The Reptilian
  5. A challenge to our dear Christian friends.
  6. Philosophically speaking, religion is a hoax
  7. Is Jesus A Prophet According To The Old Testament?
  8. you are believe sprites exist ?
  9. Origin of Universe: God <vs> Big Bang/Non-God theories
  10. The Secret: The Law of Attraction
  11. So what does happen when you die?
  12. Anatomy : Scientist converted to islam after reading Quran.
  13. Define God?!...........
  14. Splitting of the Moon, an Amazing Story
  15. Gay Rights And The Bible
  16. Feeling disconnected
  17. The God Delusion / Root of All Evil - Richard Dawkins
  18. How many Gods do you believe in?
  19. Atheists Corner – A place to post your opinion
  20. Your Animal Spirit/Totem:
  21. 101 Atheist Quotes
  22. Positive Affirmations!
  23. Life after death
  24. Do you believe in past lives?
  25. Anyone want to see a really scary video?
  26. Essential features of the apostle of God
  27. How I became Ohkwai
  28. what religion do you think the Devil started
  29. The devotion to God alone
  31. Jesus never existed.
  32. Some spiritual observations
  33. Good manner and morale in the Quran
  34. What religious affiliation do you think God is?
  35. Paedophilia and satanism ... The fabric of the web
  36. Islam – The enemy within itself-
  37. Life After Death
  38. Ever take a close look at the 10 Commandments?
  39. Is Vegetarianism/Veganism The New Religion in N.A.
  40. David Koresh and the Seven Seals
  41. 'I've seen proof of the afterlife'
  42. A call to the American people
  43. Islam Sucks.................
  44. Pope tells Anglicans, "Come on Down!"
  45. Religion - Questions
  46. Dattaswami's Various Religion Threads
  47. The Inner Narrative
  48. 3 examples of humanity
  49. oldest religion !!
  50. Religion of Peace in action
  51. When does life begin?
  52. Not all Jews are Zionists
  53. The steps to belief (or disbelief)
  54. Jesus's contradiction? Miracles vs. Sacrifice.
  55. A guide for guidance: how to choose your doctrine
  56. Spiritual Warfare - Personal Observations
  57. The End of the World is Coming
  58. Is reincarnation real?
  59. Are Mormons Christians?
  60. The discourse of people of Paradise and Hell
  61. Add an additional faith to your faith
  62. God will burn them if they burn His book
  63. The Discovery of Intelligent Beings on the Planets Will Refute the Enthusiasm.
  64. The Second Arrow
  65. Karma, what goes around comes around???
  66. Catholicism's huge decline (everybody welcome)
  67. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Gandhi
  68. What do I benefit from being atheist?
  69. God’s law versus secular law. Which is moral?
  70. The sea and the pearls.
  71. If now you see a miracle, will you believe?
  72. The Future of mankind on Earth
  73. None is more merciful than God Most Gracious
  74. Who is Jesus?
  75. What Is Your Idea Of A Hero
  76. Why does God hate babies who have not sinned?
  77. ISLAM and the AIM of LIFE
  78. Consequences of corrupting the mosque
  79. When Did You Choose to be Straight?
  80. USA Theocracy: Fear Mongering or Verifiable Goal?
  81. Reality: Fact or Fiction
  82. Conversion
  83. Who can really argue with the basic philosophy if you are not Christian, of Jesus –
  84. The mistake of the prophet
  85. The witness to Jesus
  86. Tempers Flare Over School Prayers In Toronto
  87. A new definition of magic?
  88. Here's the story of France with Pharaoh Ramesses
  89. WHY do Muslims believe the text of the Bible has been corrupted?
  90. Did the Christian God Break his own Commandment?
  91. After this life and Dreams:
  92. Freaky Dreams
  93. Is it up to us to believe in God?
  94. I Believe...
  95. Religionists of the world unite!
  96. How to convert a skeptic - written for the faithful by a skeptic
  97. Full Version: Hitchens and Boteach Debate on God
  98. Biblical budgeting
  99. The reason for the Muslim decline
  100. It is not any sin to be rich.
  101. Do Catholic Universities violate Muslims' 'human rights'?
  102. The Georgia Guidestones...???
  103. A basic human truth
  104. The embarrassment of the apostle
  105. Excellent book which answers all the controversies on Shri Sathya Sai Baba
  106. Immortals - Myth, Fantasy, Fact, Fiction?
  107. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day
  108. Belief, Truth, Assumption, and Reason
  109. JESUS in the QURAN
  110. The Gathering and the Judgment will be in the space
  111. Catholic/Anglican United front
  112. psychic/strange personal phenomena
  113. How does one get their energy back after a broken heart?
  114. Jesus Christ Almighty!
  115. Creativity
  116. "Ye must be born again" yea, or nay?
  117. how to get rid of personal feelings for someone when saying goodbye isn't an option?
  118. Was Jesus a Socialist?
  119. Souls can die
  120. How did the Prophet believe ?
  121. 2 steps back...moving forward?
  123. Life is but a Dream
  124. My vision [or night dream] about Jesus
  125. Open-mindedness
  126. BBC man loses his temper with America's Scientologists
  127. Does it make a difference who the next Pedophile Protecting Pope will be?
  128. Moses Drug Useing Junkie
  129. Atheists Outscore Believers
  130. The Pope Is On The Ropes
  131. What was the fight between God and Satan about?
  132. Whats the difference between Atheism and Agnostic
  133. Catholic Rainbow Parents ain't buyin' it.
  134. Who cares
  135. see of The Mercy of god
  136. A Jewish woman explains about the Quran better than many muslims
  137. Religion Makes People Helpful And Generous
  138. How does one deal with being a WASP?
  139. The patron saint
  140. I bet none of you can convince me to believe in God
  141. Women Talk More Than Men? Really???
  142. Easter
  143. Pope: White Supremicist?
  144. Complaining about humanity
  145. Infinity
  146. Woman is the root cause of all of man’s and God’s woes.
  147. A dark view of religion and belief from the show True Detectives
  148. Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife
  149. what does it mean to be pagan
  150. Reality is 'what is'.
  151. Cheating the prophet
  152. Christians hunting Pterosaur to prove creationism
  153. World Religions
  154. I "died" in Jerusalem in 1276
  155. Our Cousin Spade
  156. Have a family feast for $1.23/week
  157. An Easter message from the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu
  158. Who is Jesus Christ, and what is peculiar about him?
  159. Faith vs Reason, must they struggle?
  160. How the mighty have fallen.
  161. Is magic real?
  162. From the Heart
  163. Does Interest Relate to Caring?
  164. Vatican ethics expert Ignacio Carrasco de Paula slams Nobel Prize for IVF pioneer
  165. The limits of snot production?
  166. Do you love Satan and demons as scriptures say you should?
  167. Sacrifice for Lent 2013
  168. If it was possible to swap brains...
  169. Hacking for God?
  170. Hey! Last night was Summer Solstice
  171. Positive people smell bad
  172. The medicine wheel
  173. Does God get a fail in the love category?
  174. Will Power--------hoooah !
  175. Pope Reverses Position on Condoms
  176. Do we have to view God as an entity
  177. Are you looking for proof that God exists?
  178. He (Sin) shall Bruise your Head, you... his heel!
  179. US Catholic Church Does About Face on Abortion
  180. People who pass along dire predictions from God.
  181. The greatest secret ever
  182. Rumi: Say I Am You (Sufi poem)
  183. Theists and atheists( P.S.)
  184. The School of Canadian Philosophy
  185. Human lusts', why does it work against us?
  186. How Many People Die Every Day?
  187. Karma... what is it?
  188. Images separate people
  189. Merry Christmas
  190. The palaces in the sky
  191. New religion
  192. Was Judas Jesus’ hero and most trusted disciple?
  193. History of Religion in 90 Seconds
  194. Grave robbing
  195. The Ugly Anglo-American Needs a Makeover
  196. The men who slept for 20-30 years
  197. Are these guys real Muslims
  198. We are all one
  199. Richard Dawkins on Religion
  200. God Lost The Exclusive Rights To Make Man
  201. Lent 2014, what sacrifice will you make?
  202. The Mystery of Consciousness
  203. G O D
  204. The View of a Non-Believer ~ DogmaCURE
  205. Is needlessly sacrificing your child, as God did, child abuse and murder?
  206. The Terror Within
  207. Arresting the Pope, World War III?
  208. The Soul
  209. The response to the apostle
  210. Christians pray for wealth at golden bull
  211. Veda says that God alone does miracles
  212. What Is Islam?
  213. Where in the Dante are you?
  214. `Some Thing` After Death.......
  215. Hindu Discussion
  216. The God Who Wasn't There
  217. Astrology fundamentals
  218. What if...
  219. Tony Blair..Catholic
  220. The 'two founding races', the 'four founding churches', and our place in Canada
  221. Early Chrisianity
  222. Iran says cheap "Made in China" Qurans full of typos
  223. need a dream interpreter - Eagle,sphynx and Pyramid
  224. Why celebrate Christmas?
  225. Can humans be said to be naturally anything?
  226. Atheist Church of the evolving Human God.
  227. What is individual ?
  228. Bill Maher: “God In The Old Testament Is A Psychotic Mass Murderer”…
  229. 1 in 111,111,111 and you win!
  230. Christians acceptance of torture called sad,ironic
  231. a question to jimmoyer
  232. Faith Alone or and something...
  233. where is your god
  234. Sikhism, Hinduism sucks...
  235. Socrates v.s. Jesus
  236. Humanities first rituals, much older than previosly thought
  237. Who was correct, Jews or Christians? Was Eden our elevation or our fall?
  238. Seriously Buddhism
  239. Donation to deserving person brings good fruits & to undeserving brings bad results
  240. Why do not all see God?
  241. Socrates meets with Jesus
  242. Was the genesha milk miracle for real?
  243. God does not follow the first principle of morality. Why not?
  244. Need a toronto spot
  245. Vatican intensifying crackdown on American nuns
  246. Paradox of Nothingness
  247. Islamic discussion
  248. Jesus is a Muslim
  249. Tips for Living the Golden Rule
  250. Catholic group swings both ways.