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  1. How can we get rid of our sinfulness?
  2. Catholic Discussion
  3. Scary Bible Quotes
  4. Why Catholic isn't Christian.
  5. Why are you against Gay marriage?
  6. Christian Intelligence
  7. What would YOU want to hear at church?
  8. Who will you be in God's Kingdom of Heaven?
  9. The New Paganism and the Culture of Death
  10. TheGuy's repeating theme Threads, that're all on the same tangent, merged here.
  11. Why are many Christians so intolerant of other religions and spiritual paths?
  12. The Official "Lets bash Christians" thread...
  13. Why do we need to pray?
  14. 1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified
  15. Did Jesus Struggle Like you Do?
  16. Rational Faith
  17. Catholic End Time Prophecy
  18. The bible is a fairy tale!
  19. Dozens of Filipinos crucified today... caution - disturbing content
  20. What is the purpose of our lives?
  21. Christian Inclusiveness
  22. Homosexuality
  23. Christianity and Religion
  24. I'm conflicted about the Bible. Will you discuss it with me?
  25. The Miracles of Christ
  26. Are you Rapture Ready?
  27. Christian Nation?
  28. Christian Persecution of Peoples
  29. Jesus:the rock of our salvation
  30. Using the Lord's name in Vain
  31. "Churchianity"
  32. Love Of Our Neighbour
  33. Proof of Christianity
  34. The Ku Klux Klan and Christianity
  35. Living Christ
  36. Adam and Eve's children...
  37. Jesus Christ: Extraterrestrial
  38. Confused about Christ?
  39. News Flash: God is Dead
  40. Why I am no longer attending the Anglican Church
  41. Grace and Karma
  42. Hell
  43. Solomon is the 666th name in the Bible
  44. Is There Power to Prayer?
  45. Who Is Jesus?
  46. Jesus was black.
  47. Keeping virginity till marriage for the Catholics, unrealistic?
  48. Documentary makers claim tomb of Jesus found
  49. Bible: Ten Verses Never Preached On
  50. On the doctrine of Original Sin - Church Fathers
  51. Jesus Loved Gays But Christians Won’t
  52. Rebirth Through Baptism
  53. How We Compensate When Disconnected from God
  54. Psychics and Witches: What Scripture Says
  55. What is a Christian?
  56. Canadian Catholic Church
  57. Wyoming Priest Denies Communion to Lesbian Activist Couple “Married” in Canada
  58. The Forged Origins of The New Testament
  59. Chief exorcist says the Devil is in Vatican
  60. "You will not be punished for your anger. You will be punished by your anger." Buddha
  61. "Identify the Beast"
  62. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of the wisdom
  63. Revelation 13:11 - USA - Last World Empire
  64. 76% of Canadians believe in the Bible
  65. Why Obama is not a Christian
  66. Why Believe In God?
  67. Easily misunderstood part of the Bible (Luke 14:25-26)
  68. Why Are So Many Christians So Un-Christian?
  69. Does Life has purpose?
  70. Gospel according to Judas
  71. My Confession
  72. Why liberals are right to hate the Ten Commandments
  73. Do you have a religious mind?
  74. Calvinism: the rational Christianity
  75. Church of England apologises to Charles Darwin
  76. The Bible on Environmental Conservation: A 21st Century Prescription
  77. 2010 major earthquake la
  78. Pseudo-Christian
  79. The Resurrection and Divinity of Christ
  80. The essential role of the Catholic priest
  81. What is your spiritual net worth?
  82. Feeding Christians To The Lions
  83. Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary
  84. Should liberals leave Catholic Church?
  85. Have you investigated Gnostic Christianity?
  86. The ten commandments
  87. If you are doing a sin, you are going against the will of God
  88. Is God the head of the Captain Coward club?
  89. Ought New Testament Greek be compuslosry in School?
  90. Church legal threat over 'sick and sacrilegious' PlayStation game set in Manchester
  91. Israel Welcomes Evangelical Support—but not an Evangelical Presence
  92. Religious Brainwashing of Children
  93. Convert or Die
  94. How to debate: A person of faiths struggle - please, PLEASE, people of faith only....
  95. The Sword of the Spirit
  96. Faith or Unbelief
  97. Lord's Prayer in Latin
  98. Prophesy about Florida
  99. The Seven Sacraments
  100. Daniel, Revelation & World History Reveal The Antichrist
  101. Conversations with God
  102. Holy Week Greetings ...
  103. "Resurrection day"
  104. Examination Of Conscience
  105. The Immortality of the Soul and the Resurrection of the Dead
  106. Christianity is modernizing?
  107. “Unpardonable sin”
  108. The ten Commandments
  109. Did God goof when he created Man
  110. Mary Help Of Christians
  111. Are you unsure about your salvation?
  112. The church of Christianity is slowly losing support from its
  113. Crumbling Foundations: Why the Family Unit Is Crucial to Civilization
  114. Quesion about the ascention of Jesus.
  115. APOSTASY - Sun Worship In The Church
  116. Why are there so many denominations in aChristian religion?
  117. Bless me, O Lord - meditated
  118. Christ our King
  119. Does God Really Exist?
  120. What Does The Crucifix Mean to You?
  121. Seeking Man's Favor: The Root of Religious Unbelief!
  122. Protect Yourself from the Internet's Moral Dangers
  123. Does oppression takes a backseat to religious freedom
  124. Pastor drowned pregnant wife: Crown
  125. The Parish
  126. Elohiym: Creator
  127. Witch Hunts
  128. Invitation is out; “Come am who so ever will”
  129. A Metaphorical God
  130. Having A Humble Opinion Of Self
  131. Homosexuality is a Death Worthy Crime Leviticus 20:13
  132. Goodwill and demons
  133. Respect For Other Religions?
  134. Opus Dei, Fanatics or Faithful
  135. Every Knee and Tongue
  136. Church unveils "Jesus in jeans" bronze statue
  137. Return to Me
  138. Questions
  139. Any church to reccommend in calgary near calgary uni?
  140. How the Myth of Jesus came about
  141. Demons and Evil
  142. Another News Flash; God isn't dead. He never existed.
  143. You should obey God’s commandments
  144. Scary Bible Quotes By God & Selected Biblical Contradictions
  145. How shall I put this? If you snooze you lose, so sayith God
  146. "Except a man be born again...
  147. Fewer Catholics use Confession
  148. Go into all the world and preach the gospel
  149. Is Jesus the Son of God? Is He the way to God?
  150. Was Jesus taught by the Druids of Glastonbury?
  151. Sullivan maintains visions of Mary
  152. Poland, Keep Crucifixes in Schools
  153. Messiah
  154. Priest says women bring violence onto themselves
  155. Why people find religion
  156. Christian Discussion (by levanty)
  157. The Left Hand of God
  158. Apocalypse Means Revelation
  159. The Spirit of Grace
  160. 12 Painless Ways To Evangelize
  161. Inspiration of the Holy Spirit
  162. Question for Christians: your thughts on Christian anarchism?
  163. Why the Pope is Boosting Latin Mass
  164. "Protestant Thread, all others keep out"
  165. intelligent design
  166. Is it moral for God to punish us?
  167. pope knocked down
  168. The Last Days of mankind!
  170. The One True Church
  171. "Religion"... ?
  172. Political Party of Christianity
  173. "come Out Of Her, My People"
  174. Pope set to bring back Latin Mass that divided the Church
  175. St. Malachy's Prophecy - Hal Lindsey
  176. Does Jesus have a soul?
  177. What does it mean to hate Christ?
  178. Hot Off the Press- Jesus Seen on Bottom of Iron
  179. Is Israel the ticking time clock for world destruction?
  180. Religion Questions to ponder.
  181. Life in the Spirit
  182. Life forever
  183. The secret of eternal life
  184. Opposite of a pure heart is hypocrisy, papal preacher tells pope
  185. Professed Believer
  186. The law
  187. What is true religion .
  188. Was God using a human to reproduce appropriate reproductive conduct?
  189. Pope's visit to Britain will take place between 16th and 19th September
  190. Why do people have to believe in God?....
  191. Moral Progress or Corruption
  192. Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses are "pedophile havens"
  193. Biblical prophecies
  194. Baywatch Star Donna D'Errico Injured Searching for Noah's Ark
  195. What is Pride?
  196. Persecution
  197. Yaweh Rapah: Healing Promises
  198. The Imitation Of Jesus Christ
  199. Doctors accused of using faith to violate gay bias laws
  200. Gospel according to Judas
  201. Interior silence and meditation.
  202. Divorce - yes? no? maybe so?
  203. Sin and Satan EXPOSED
  204. Good for her
  205. Scales of Heaven Will Be Established In The Prophetic Movement
  206. The Power Team
  207. Eco-Feminists and Pagan Politics
  208. The Christian Fear Factor:
  209. First Love
  210. Forgiveness
  211. The relevation False prophet in our time
  212. The gap between man and God has been removed!
  213. Kid commits suicide after Gay Conversion Therapy
  214. "In The Beginning Was THE WORD..."
  215. A voice of reason in a sea of complex debate
  216. Sometimes Use Words
  217. Angels
  218. I am the light of the world
  219. The Perpetual Sacrifice
  220. Morals and Ethics aka: Mans Imperfection.
  221. Nun study reveals God's flickering effect on the brain
  222. i have to ask a few people a question i had to come up with for school. is anyone wil
  223. Reincarnation in the bible?
  224. An orgy in the church of my baptism?
  225. Latest statistics shows increase in number of Catholics and priests
  226. Revelation 14
  227. United Church of Canada: HYPOCRITES - CHERRY PICKERS
  228. God: His Attributes Revealed in His Creation?
  229. this is so cool
  230. The Character of Jesus Christ
  231. Who was this man Jesus Christ?
  232. Zeitgeist: The Perfect Antidote to Christianity?
  233. Pope asks: have we Christians become too silent?
  234. What is happening in the world?
  235. saying grace
  236. Unity Of The Church
  237. Candy Cane represents Jesus
  238. Last Days Prophecy
  239. Creator
  240. New Jerusalem – the Ideal Christian Society
  241. "By Faith We Understand..."
  242. Terrorism in Canada
  243. Pope Benedict says: 'non-violence is a way of being'
  244. The Church In Apostasy
  245. to all Christians...
  246. Birth of clean town: Ave Maria
  247. "i am that i am"
  248. The Unity and Trinity of God
  249. Lent
  250. Attention idol worshipers of Godinabook. Satan is God’s Champion.