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  1. 18th Century London - its daily life and hazards.
  2. Sin city: One in five women in 1700s London were prostitutes
  3. The French Fuhrer: Napoleon was as barbaric as Hitler, claims historian
  4. Old London Bridge, 1209-1831
  6. The Black Death
  7. Greatest Empire Ever
  8. How the world's first tanks - in WWI - were death traps mired in mud
  9. The Blitz, 1940/1941.
  10. 20 Quite Interesting Historical Facts
  11. The Battle of Britain. Was it won by the Royal Navy?
  12. Oliver Cromwell
  13. The wives who went to war
  14. The botched execution of Margaret, Countess of Salisbury
  15. The horrors of the London slum of St Giles's - nicknamed "Old Nichol"
  16. Come on over, Fritz! WWI British soldier's hidden diary reveals amazing trench truces
  17. Medieval Worst Jobs
  18. Old guns
  19. The Best World War Two Poems Ever
  20. The Jacobite Rebellion.
  21. The Triple Tree
  22. British inventions that foreigners have taken credit for.
  23. WWI soldier's 90-year-old letter gives horrific account of Christmas in the trenches
  24. Great Fire of London, 1666
  25. Erwin Rommel
  26. Oliver Cromwell: The father of our democracy or a war criminal?
  27. The REAL Jack Sparrow: He would have eaten Johnny Depp for breakfast
  28. 70 years on, the horror of the German bombing of Britain is revealed
  29. Online slave records help black Britons trace their past
  30. The Mummy Returns: archaeologists discover remains of Egypt's first female pharaoh
  31. 13,000 year old cave painting of a mammoth is discovered in Britain
  32. The Bloody Code.
  33. How the Great War still impacts on us today
  34. Stuffed peacock, fake snow and lashings of dancing girls - it's a Tudor Christmas
  35. Tyburn
  36. Famous British battles.
  37. The exhumation of King Arthur's body
  38. A time traveller's guide to Victorian Britain
  39. Remembrance Day
  40. How the Tudors and Victorians celebrated Christmas
  41. Canadian independence?
  42. With three films being made about 1066, the bloody truth about the Norman invasion...
  43. Roman road trip
  44. Terrible Tudors, Vile Victorians
  45. Walking with Boudicca (part two of history travel series)
  46. Workhouse of horrors: How this medieval hell exists within living memory
  47. Napoleon lived like an emperor on Elba
  48. Bedlam: London and its mad
  49. The Pendle Witches, 1612
  50. The horrors of Newgate Gaol
  51. The Luddites
  52. Search on for 'lost' battlefields of England
  53. Wreck of Captain Cook's Endeavour found.
  54. Shakespeare's grave concerns led to witty warning on headstone
  55. F-35 JSF. Canada's new jet?
  56. Time traveller's guide to Tudor England
  57. King size! Henry VIII's extraordinary vital statistics
  58. Three Roman Slave Rebellions
  59. The London Gin Craze.
  60. The Red Dragon - Y Ddraig Goch
  61. Celts and Vikings possibly fought against Anglo-Saxons
  62. Empress Maud Matilda: the "forgotten" 12th Century English Civil War
  63. Viking Age 793 A.D - 1066 A.D
  64. Medieval inns and taverns
  65. The English, not the Celts, are the true ocupants of Britain
  66. Were Queen Victoria and Prince Albert both illegitimate?
  67. Man drunk on mouthwash caught going down on sister
  68. The never before seen colour photographs of the bloody battle of Passchendaele
  69. Why does the weasel go pop? - the secret meaning of our best-loved nursery rhymes
  70. Decapitated bodies in Roman mass grave found on Olympic Highway route
  71. Jack Sheppard: Escaping from prison was child's play
  72. Did Boudicca's curse cause 6000 of Rome's fiercest warriors to vanish without trace?
  73. Londoners' tormented skeletons give up secrets from the grave
  74. Arsenic, the Victorian Viagra that poisoned Britain
  75. Pierre Elliot Trudeau Love or Hated Him ?
  76. The Whitechapel Murders
  77. 1895 school exam, are we dumb?
  78. The Napoleonic Wars and the Hartlepool Monkey
  79. Was this the waistcoat that Charles I was wearing when he was beheaded?
  80. Erwin Rommel
  81. Scottish history is riddled with myth and falsehood, says eminent historian
  82. Worst Canadian
  83. Images from history: Rarely seen photographs bring 1800s London back to life
  84. Ned Kelly's home-made armour put on display as archaeologists find his grave
  85. Was King Henry V our greatest ever monarch?
  86. Locked in time... the 400-year-old mummies (and one little girl)
  87. Where History Happened: The Norman Conquest
  88. The antique chair that gives an eye-popping insight into Edward VII's debauched youth
  89. Where History Happened: The Norman Conquest
  90. Genghis Khan: The daddy of all lovers
  91. Greatest human invention of all time?
  92. Roman History - ancient history
  93. Apollo 1 Disaster
  94. Amazing 100 year old colour photos
  95. Divers accidentally discover 18th Century shipwreck.
  96. Revealed after 3000 years: the face of King Tutankhamun
  97. Nazi war mascot was Jewish
  98. Lincoln Cathedral, the world's tallest building, circa 1300-1549
  99. Celts come mainly from Spain
  100. New exhibits portray Jamestown colonists as killers and rapists
  101. The "Sweating Sickness" or "English Sweat"
  102. Where History Happened: The Black Death, 1348/49
  103. A new diary reveals the truth about life on board the first ships for Australia
  104. Frank Slide
  105. Robin Hood - fact or fiction?
  106. Update on Micheal Jackson
  107. English ashamed of our Anglo-Saxon past??
  108. Easter Uprising: In the end it beat the British
  109. Remains of Shakespeare's first Globe Theatre unearthed in Shoreditch, East London
  110. Scientists prove Shakespeare wrote 'missing' play
  111. The execution of Charles I and the abolition of the monarchy
  112. History Quiz
  113. Flight 19 (1945)
  114. George Mallory, First to climb Everest?
  115. Medieval English society
  116. Aboriginals and the Canadian Military
  117. "Hurlers" stone circle may have been built to mirror Orion's belt
  118. Is Boadicea buried at a McDonald's?
  119. Choosing sides in the English Civil War
  120. Could the British burial ground of Sioux warrior have been found?
  121. World War II: The Holocaust
  122. Israeli murderous response to Munich
  123. Historical and interesting photos
  124. A Gun! A gun! My kingdom for a gun
  125. >> Magic Roman & Greek ruins in Libya <<
  126. DNA tests on Princes in the Tower
  127. Revealed: The REAL Sweeney Todd
  128. Where history happened: The Restoration (1660)
  129. Further Explanations for Ancient Flood Myth
  130. Oka Crisis the first of mny bloody battles
  131. Immerse youtself in Hogarthian London
  132. Rare footage of WWI Gallipoli battle unearthed
  133. Viking Empire and Battles 570-1263
  134. 10,000 Roman coins unearthed by amateur metal detector enthusiast
  135. The King and his castle: how Henry II rebuilt his reputation
  136. Louis Riel
  137. Remembrance day forgotten
  138. The Legacy of Pierre Trudeau
  139. Evacuating wartime London
  140. Boadicea's gold found: Buried hoard dating back to era of warrior queen
  141. River Thames frost fairs
  142. WWII: The RAF did target German civilians, but was RIGHT to do so
  143. Heritage: Tell us about your roots
  144. The Spanish Armada
  145. Want to lose weight? Use goose grease and turpentine says 17th century guide
  146. Laissez-faire and the Victorians
  147. The Doctor will saw you now! New exhibition lifts the lid on medicine's gory past
  148. The NAZI relative that the Royals disowned
  149. The murder of Thomas Becket, 1170
  150. What do you think came first?
  151. Our worst monarch? Britain's spoilt for choice...
  152. Accident or foreign terrorism? The untold story of the Great Fire of London
  153. Viking History: One of the Greatest Times in History
  154. The bizarre 'safe cures' of 19th Century that 'work like magic'
  155. Remains of British soldier who died in Anglo-Zulu War identified after 130 years
  156. 8 lost nukes.
  157. Letters from the Blitz: Memoirs from the War's darkest days
  158. Buried side by side, the Roundheads who fell victim to a terrible siege
  159. Meet Your Masters
  160. He beheaded Blackbeard and hanged cut-throats... the life of Woodes Rogers
  161. Battle of Trafalgar log offers insight into Nelson's victory
  162. Where History Happened: The Gunpowder Plot
  163. John Rykener, the 14th Century transvestite
  164. Early British kingdoms
  165. The founding fathers of Australia: The story of convicts shipped to the New World
  166. The ball and chain that may have condemned a 17th century prisoner to a watery grave
  167. America : Most dysfunctional "Democracy"
  168. The 1688 invasion of Britain that's been erased from history
  169. Asking the 20th Century's oldest philosophical question
  170. World War II as a Blitz of Colour
  171. Why America Dropped the Bomb
  172. The real pirate of the Caribbean.
  173. Seven wonders made by man.
  174. Where History Happened: The Anarchy
  175. Revealed: What 'devilishly handsome' highwayman Dick Turpin REALLY looked like
  176. Pictured: The amazing catacombs full of mummified monks
  177. Entering the Greatest Depression in History
  178. King Herod's tomb is "discovered" by archaeologists
  179. Discovered: 'New' poem from Shakespeare dedicated to Elizabeth I
  180. Worldwide quest to find heir to the throne - if 1066 had not happened
  181. Deadliest Conflict in History: Taiping Rebellion
  182. Surely you jest!
  183. Tilly La Campagne - A forgotten Canadian Battle
  184. The Resurrection Men
  185. Berwick-upon-Tweed and its war with Russia.
  186. Where History Happened: The War on Witches
  187. Who was the greatest leader in the history of humanity?
  188. The home of Rome's legendary Ninth Legion is found in Yorkshire
  189. Scientists find ancient Mexican civilisation sacrificed children
  190. Boudica: a queen in search of a husband
  191. Rare 2,000-year-old Roman skeleton found in 6ft lead coffin in Yorkshire
  192. She's aged well: Face of incredibly preserved 700-year-old Chinese mummy
  193. Trudeau exaggerated FLQ crisis
  194. Decoded Roger Morrice diary reveals dark days of 17th Century England
  195. Somme survivor's diary emerges after 91 years
  196. The 18th century dentist's guide to 'a brilliant smile'
  197. Cryptic signatures that ‘prove Shakespeare was a secret Catholic’
  198. Sinkiang, northwestern Chinese autonomous region
  199. Where history happened: The Wars of the Roses
  200. Bomber Harris thought the Dambusters' attacks on Germany 'achieved nothing'
  201. Report shows that most young children are proud of Britain's history
  202. The Charge of Light Brigade boy who rode into the jaws of death and lived
  203. Burnt Church Crisis
  204. Viking Ring Castles: Hill forts same as Maori Pa
  205. Greatest Canadian of the 20th Century
  206. Roman sarcophagi discovered in Newcastle, 1,800 years after they were sealed
  207. The men working days and knights
  208. History of the Canadian Empire (Declassified)!
  209. Portraits of famous historical figures ... starring their modern-day descendants
  210. Battle of Mogadishu
  211. Anglo-Saxons had same gods as Vikings
  212. Mistresses on the make, and murder. We can't get enough of the Terrible Tudors
  213. The Bankers Manifesto 1892
  214. Mystery of the Saxon 'couple' buried arm in arm not husband and wife, but two MEN
  215. Did the Bush Administration deceive Americans into supporting the Iraq war?
  216. The Eight Worst Mistakes Made by the Allies in WWII
  217. Britain's first Blitz: not 1940/41 but 1915
  218. How Britain planned to rain death on the Nazis with poisoned sewing machine needles
  219. Was this the real-life Gladiator?
  220. 'Lady Godiva' rides again...in Oxford
  221. Britain's Roman brothel where dozens of unwanted babies were killed
  222. How the moustache won an empire
  223. Viking Battle at Svolder
  224. Surnames that reveal pirate ancestry
  225. Cornwallis Surrenders This Date - 1781
  226. Haggis was invented by the English but hijacked by Scottish nationalists
  227. El Arish Massacre, and Attack on U.S.S Liberty
  228. Work starts in Portsmouth on £36m Mary Rose museum
  229. Dick Turpin.
  230. The New Testament Forged Origins
  231. The Great Stink
  232. Israel practicing apartheid and colonialism
  233. Tihuanaco and Mars
  234. Royal mistress Nell Gwyn's expenses would shame our MPs but she was worth every penny
  235. Prince of Darkness: The truth about Thomas Cromwell
  236. Row of ancient stones found in Dartmoor ‘are older than Stonehenge’
  237. Tall ships mark 400th anniversary of first English settlement in America
  238. Che Guevara
  239. Site of the Battle of Cynwit, 878, discovered
  240. Bank of Canada
  241. Invitation to Charles II's 1661 coronation to be auctioned
  242. Haul of ancient Roman artefacts found in London well stuns experts
  243. Survivors' tales of the Great War, 90 years on
  244. Jomsviking: Pagan mercenary army from 900s-1000s
  245. Vimy Ridge Remembered
  246. Guy Fawkes
  247. Why Americans should give thanks for the British Empire
  248. Founder of Islam, Mohammad, was a Pedophile
  249. Great People In History
  250. The day the cruellest captain in the Royal Navy pushed his suffering crew too far