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  1. How to make weed brownies?
  2. How do you eat weed?
  3. Legal Bud?
  4. **Marijuana Brownies??
  5. Best city in Canada
  6. Who are some hot Canadian chicks?
  7. Funny quotes about Canada
  8. Legalize Marijuana!
  9. Canadian Idioms
  10. What is the totally coolest Canadian animal?
  11. Tim Hortons
  12. Canadian Resident wanting to move to the U.S.
  13. American Ignorance About Canada
  14. Myths about Canada
  15. How we treat prostitutes
  16. 35 Interesting Facts
  17. What's the difference between Canadians' & Americans' ?
  18. Jesus Christ healed with marijuana
  19. Famous Canadians
  20. ZED not ZEE...
  21. Americans against Canadians???
  22. Things that make Canada great
  23. Poll:- life better now or in 1959?
  24. Winnipeg Castle is the Castle upon a Castle "Burg Hohenzollern"
  25. What is Canadian Culture? your input.
  26. Give your opinion on the CBC
  27. What is a Canadian man like?
  28. Similarities and Differences between the US and Canada
  29. Describe Canada in a sentence
  30. Hot wash vs Cold wash
  31. What is racism?
  32. What is life like in Canada?
  33. The Hour Is Go
  34. mmm Weed
  35. Canada's Population by Language
  37. Krispy Kreme failing in Canada
  38. Canadian Made Products ???
  39. Things I don't like about Canada.
  40. Powder weed??
  41. What's right about our health-care system
  42. Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen of the Allied Expeditionary Fo
  43. What makes you think of Canada?
  44. French Language On Packaging
  45. Canadian Television
  46. Pros and Cons on Splitting up Canada into separate countries
  47. Obesity on the rise in Canada
  48. Top 20 Famous Canadian Entertainers
  49. Canada's worst ever Prime Minister
  50. What the hell is Egg Nog?
  51. If Americans knew more about the rest of the world.....
  52. Is the CN Tower the Tallest building in the world?
  53. HEALTH CARE - User fees
  54. What is the best state in Canada & why
  55. Racism - Come on down & Splain yourself Eh.
  56. I Hate Canadians
  57. Why I love the CBC
  58. Taking shoes off at peoples homes...
  59. Looking Back on the Avro Arrow
  60. Charter of Rights & Freedons - Pros & Cons
  61. Canadianisms - Unique Words & Expressions
  62. What should be the official Bird and Flower of Canada?
  63. Little Chinese tidbits.
  64. I hate pot smokers!!, there I said it!
  65. Core/Peripheral Model
  66. Bilingual Nation
  67. Quebec or Canada?
  68. One Canadian's Opinion? US Canada Relationship.
  69. Canadian Identity: un-American
  70. A spanked child may be a better adult
  71. BC Maple Syrup!!
  72. One word to describe Canada --- SLOW
  73. Protests across Canada denounce wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  74. Canadian Beer Commercials
  75. Tim Hortons: Roll up THIS (rant)
  76. Can muslims be good canadians?
  77. Natuashish, another davis Inlet disaster? Or is there hope?
  78. I Love Canadians
  79. Fat Kids
  80. BUDBUDDY Bud Buddy
  81. why does canada have so much fear and hate??
  82. Czech jets touted as Canada's Snowbird replacement
  83. Canadian doughnuts, singers and actors
  84. Tell me about this place: Iqaluit
  85. The future of Canada through immigration
  86. Things Americans (and Canadians) should know about Canada
  87. Rejected Canadian Province Slogans
  88. Calgary or Edmonton?
  89. Which city is better to live in Victoria or Nanaimo?
  90. Canadian Tire Guy
  91. Alanis takes U.S. citizenship
  92. Canada’s Toxic Tar Sands: The Most Destructive Project on Earth
  93. First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Food Guide
  94. Canada most peaceful nation in world
  95. Can a US felon enter Canada
  96. Canadian Culture
  97. I think I'm lucky to live in a Country like Canada.
  98. The Canadian Flag
  99. Who's the worst Canadian?
  100. Famous Abortionist given Order of Canada!
  101. Is this for real?
  102. What Top Five Places To Live In Canada
  103. Least Popular Prime Minister
  104. Are we a more tolerant society today?
  105. Latest poll on Capital punishment
  106. The "Bible Belts" in Canuckville
  107. Ahmadinejad never said wipe Isreal off the map
  108. Migrating to Canada : life cost.
  109. Canada has very little patriotism...
  110. I. Am. Canadian.
  111. The Governor General
  112. I want to know more about the dark side of canuck history.
  113. First Nations Treaties
  114. "Mysterious Disappearance" Of The Iroquois People.
  115. Who should be allowed access to your medical records?
  116. Why people play snob.
  117. Gang violence
  118. The long vigils of the night.
  119. Pot Tax worth 2$Billion
  120. the gay agenda.
  121. Younger Generation - Dumb or Stupid or Both- Yes or No
  122. Religious Holiday - should we stop?
  123. Most Beautiful Pictures Of Canada
  124. Canada Day
  125. A Canadian's view of Canada
  126. The Greateast Canadian
  127. Royal Visit Delights Southern Albertans
  128. Canadian values vs. Multiculturalism
  129. What Do You Love About Canada? (And What Don't You Love?)
  130. Describing a Canadian
  131. What do we think now?
  132. A Fellow Canadian seeking perment residence in US.
  133. Canadians bashing Americans
  134. Ephebiphobia, a human syndrome?
  135. Greatest Canadian?
  136. Fox News, North
  137. The US' greatest gift to Canada?
  138. The New Face of Family Life
  139. Have you personally experienced racist remarks?
  140. Are there any Métis on this forum?
  141. keg mansion ghost flick below/been there
  142. Is your neighbourhood ...
  143. The Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  144. canadian Universities
  145. Cookie Cutter Canada
  146. Crowsnest Pass- what can we learn?
  147. HBC Logistics (335 years)
  148. Canadian Women
  149. Fisheries minister says Canada backs seal hunt despite market concerns
  150. Should Christmas be Cancelled for 2008
  151. Burnaby General Hospital Sadists
  152. Firearms PAL Licence Process
  153. Status of Native Canadians. Canada needs to discuss this.
  154. Are we really that different from Americans (culturally)?
  155. HAPPY CANADA DAY - !!!!
  156. Would Canada vote to be independent from the "Queen"?
  157. Canadian Government Study Suggests Legalizing Polygamy
  158. Hello French Speaking Canadians! ;-)
  159. Hijab Day...good idea or bad?
  160. Is dog flesh for food illegal in Canada?
  161. Quebec’s Civil Code denies women’s basic freedom of choice
  162. Marijuana, What are your thoughts?
  163. The Cochrane mural
  164. Do Canadians end all their sentences with 'eh' ?
  165. Star Trek or Star wars?
  166. Michael Moore's 'Sicko' Scrutinizes Canada's Healthcare
  167. Balony Sandwich, is this sandwich a Canadian invention.
  168. World Loves Canada: Voted Second Best Nation
  169. Are Canadians friendly?
  170. The Sad, Sad State of Canadian Masculinity
  171. Canadian Resident want to move to the U.S.
  172. Banal expressions
  174. What are Canadas twin cities??? (
  175. I felt it was time to post this old article about Trudeau - Written by the highly
  176. Your favourite food(s)
  177. Who decides on the meaning of a symbol?
  178. Unique Canadian Differences
  179. Bye Bye Canadian Penny?
  180. The Truth at CP Rail
  181. Online petition to re-legalize marijuana
  182. Beware the bath house!
  183. What's the funniest/strangest experience you've ever had in a restaurant?
  184. Canadian forces Recruiting 'Center'?
  185. Who's in Charge of Canada?
  186. Vegetarian diets
  187. Are delicatessans a ripoff?
  188. Canadas reputation .
  190. How big is Formula 1 in Canada?
  191. I am QUEBECOIS!
  192. Could Canada survive.....
  193. marijuana
  194. Marijuana and Prophecy
  195. Guess the Famous Canadian
  196. The Crystal Meth problem.
  197. Surely someone must know where Canadian money is printed?
  198. Canadian history and identity.
  199. Canadian-based Conspiracy Theories
  200. O Holy Night
  201. Is this happening in Canada?
  202. The Atlantic seal hunt – FAQs
  203. Question about US culture.
  204. The Great Law
  205. Canadian facts
  206. Attack on children should be dealt with
  207. use of the word "Canuck"
  208. Quotes by Famous Canadians
  209. Four Canadian Cities Among 25 Best
  210. Yo Nuggler - The Six String Nation
  211. Best places each province has to offer while vacationing
  212. Who are we as a nation?
  213. People can be so stupid!
  214. The Americanisation of Canada.
  215. Do you watch the CBC?
  216. Political Correctness, good or bad?
  217. Where is canada going?
  218. You're Not One Of Those Couples Who Secretly Videotape Their Nanny, Are You?
  219. NDP Threaten To Sue Marc Emery For PRO POT Flyers
  220. Any Living Descendants Of Sir John A Macdonald?
  221. Judge Orders Man Not to Have Girlfriend
  222. Canada? Olympics? HAHAHA
  223. No French? No service!
  224. What Don't You Like About Canada?
  225. Soviet Man and Canadian Man
  226. English First'ers: Do you know the French language?
  227. Put an end to illegal drug use?
  228. Do men have the right to say no?
  229. national anthem
  230. Is Terry Fox a Good Hero?
  231. Alaska & Canada As Neighbors
  232. Why so much use of AntiDepressants
  233. Conservatives in the 80's
  234. research on canadian idiosyncracy
  235. Calling all Cannuks!: About your music
  236. Marijuana is too light. Move on to the Hard stuff!
  237. Americans passing off as Canadians
  238. Which prov. do you dislike the most?
  239. More Greed to hit the Olympics
  240. Should employers have the right to monitor your e-mail or where you go on the Net?
  241. Student suspended after voicing marijuana opinion
  242. Lower immigration levels from 200,000 to 80,0000
  243. Canadians ashamed of our constitution?
  244. your Breed of Dog
  245. Girls Just Want To Have Guns
  246. What does it mean to be Canadian?
  247. Marijuana legalization.
  248. People have opinions about Canada .
  249. How old are you?
  250. Canada's 2030 or future demographics?